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31 Mar, 2023
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God of War Ragnarök PS5

God Of War Ragnarök: It’s a Deadly Combo Of Beautiful Storytelling And Gorgeous Visuals!

As most fanatics remember, the God of War of 2018 was a tale of the struggles of fatherhood and grief in the face of loss. The sequel that has come this year is titled ‘God of War Ragnarök’ and it deals with the acceptance of the past and learning the art of letting go for the happiness of the family. Fans were getting impatient about the God of War Ragnarök PS5 release date. Much to their delight, God of War Ragnarök is finally here!

Similar to Vin Diesel’s franchise Fast & Furious, God of War Ragnarök PC sees Atreus and Kratos bringing in a group of friends together to face off against the big villain of the story. In this instance, they are Odin, Thor and the end of the world.

Right from the opening of God of War Ragnarök PS5, it is clear that Santa Monica Studios has decided to throw the users into a difficult fight against Thor, the God of Thunder and it is an absolute delight to see him as well as the Norse mythology in all its glory, represented in a memorable and fresh way as compared to the stylings of MCU that we have been seeing previously.

This hero does not have a gold head of hair. It is a big man who is full of vengeance, spite and petty anger, which makes for the perfect villain. We will not really go into more detail about this villain because we do not want to share any spoilers. However, be prepared for a fun and exciting time.

Ragnarök is precious and the PS5 succeeds in offering a smooth experience. Every time you swing the axe, it glosses the screen and there is a huge array of colors that is Christmas to the eyes. Moreover, the combat is also super compelling and you also get an option to upgrade your Blades of Chaos as well as the Leviathan Axe while you learn the devastating strikes and new combos using the fire and ice elements.

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Ragnarök is refreshing because it lets you play straight through or even explore a little because you know there are exciting treats at the end. The best thing is that it does not have miles of pointless following of markers. Every area offers a unique side story and lets you uncover characters as well as history. It keeps you gripped with some exhilarating fights in the game and also gives you time to flesh out your swinging axe.

You may have varied feelings about the puzzles they offer. While some of them are challenging, others feel pretty easy. To sum up, you are going to love the God of War Ragnarök because of its interesting world exploration and endearing characters. It is full of bombastic action that will keep your heart pounding with excitement.

Hence, it is totally recommended to anyone who is a fan of God of War series or anyone who is starting to explore this series. You are totally going to enjoy the beautiful storytelling and gorgeous visuals.

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