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31 Jan, 2023
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GTA 6 Leaked: Miami-like City, Sassy Female Character And More!

The first outlook of the most awaited GTA 6 has been out now. The leaked outlook contains around 90 pictures which gave fans access to crucial information about the game’s characters, map, weapons, vehicles, and a confirmation of the return to Vice City.

Surprisingly! It is not Rockstar Games that shared the outlook of GTA 6. Instead, it is a user on GTA Forums who leaked the photographs and videos by the name of ‘Teapotuberhacker’. Currently, photographs and videos are circulating everywhere on the Internet, including on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and elsewhere. 

After 2013, GTA Back With GTA VI In 2022

GTA 6 is the most awaited edition of Grand Theft Auto of all time. Its predecessor, GTA 5, was also the most awaited one as it marked itself as the second most-selling video game in the world. After its launch, GTA 5 received tremendous honour and acclamation from fans and critics as billions of copies were sold globally. 

Since that time, the GTA series has been keeping the title of the cultural icon in the gaming industry for a decade. This excitement indicates why the upcoming series of Grand Theft Auto, GTA 6, turned out to be the most-awaited one in the video game industry.

What are the Features of GTA 6? 

The photographs circulating on social media provide significant details about the sixth edition of the GTA series. The details suggested that the game would have multiple playable characters, including a female character. Also, the game is supposed to be set in and around Miami-like Vice City.

Meanwhile, Rockstar Games has confirmed the leak of its upcoming Grand Theft Auto sixth edition. However, they claimed that the footage is still unfinished and is in a development state. A short clip revealed a player-character Lucia, who mugs a waffle restaurant with his partner, Jason. The duo then take hostages in the style of Pulp Fiction reminding the robberies of Red Dead Redemption 2. 

Here’s the GTA VI leaked footage:

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