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21 May, 2022
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Instagram To Introduce ‘Instagram Reels Templates’

Instagram Reels has become a modern forum feature, borrowing a short video format from TikTok. Now, the company is working on another aspect that seems similar to what TikTok offers. The social media platform is now exploring a new Templates feature that aims to give users templates to edit their reels. This Instagram new feature would be handy for those who have good content but struggle to adjust the rotation to suit their favourite music. 

These Instagram reels updates will make creating reels easier than now, as news reports suggest that the tech giant is working with new app tools to bring Instagram Reels Templates

According to Business Insider, the Meta-owned platform is currently working on a new editing feature that will allow users to duplicate reel editing cuts and formatting their photos and video clips.

The reported feature will be called ‘Use Template‘ and is currently being tested through small group of users. This new Instagram reels templates comes as a competitive move to TikTok, a platform which rose to fame due to its short video format.  

Instagram has been fighting over TikTok re-posting for time immemorial, and the new feature will not only help creators by copying their favourite reels but will also save time spent arranging reels by hand. 

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How Will This New Instagram Reels Templates Work?

If you have seen Reels on Instagram, you will know that it it majorly a short video format in which music or voice plays at the background with photos or videos playing on the screen. But it is also a little tricky to make reels. For Reels to be successful on Instagram and look good, users need to match their photo or video with the audio timestamp. And the ‘Use Template’ feature will exactly do that. According to the reports, the upcoming feature allows an user to change clips with the content while the feature automatically matches the timestamp of the template. This new Instagram feature will be great for content creators

This feature has also been tested by influencer Josephine Hill, who commented: “The feature allows the user to replace the clips with your own and it will match the time stamps of the template reel,” 

“We are always working on new ways to make Reels simpler to create. We are testing the ability for you to make a reel using an existing Template from another reel,” was Meta’s response to an email. 

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