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21 May, 2022
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Ready to Get Your Front Row Seat to Virtual Fashion Shows? Here’s What to Expect!

The entertainment industry has already stepped into the virtual world with various elements. Also, it is ready for metaverse technology. For example, “Radhe Shyam” is an upcoming Indian movie that has become the world’s first movie to launch its trailer in the metaverse. 

Hence, the fashion shows are also held in virtual technology. Almost everyone is ready for the 2022 fashion shows. Still, you should at least know what you can expect there. So, here are all the elements that you can expect and use for a more seamless experience. 

13 Elements to Make Your Virtual Fashion Show Experience Seamless!

13 Elements that you can expect to get to manage the virtual fashion show platform and enjoy the event to the fullest are as follows:

1. Browser-Based Solution

You can get a web-based solution to attend the virtual fashion show. It can be helpful for all the attendees, as they do not have to download any app or software to attend your event. Such elements in the virtual fashion show platform can avoid various fuss that lower the number of your virtual event attendees.

2. Networking Table

You can also get the chance to join the network tables for 1:1 and group communication. Basically, it is used in a virtual AGM platform to create a round table of 8 people. They can discuss and chat on the same topic using these networking tables. The virtual fashion show may conduct such a session to get a little appreciation from the audience by discussing the dresses that everyone liked the most or least. 

3. AI Matchmaking

Everyone likes making friends. It is the most necessary task for attendees while attending an event, whether online or offline. So, you can also make friends even on a virtual fashion show platform with AI matchmaking. Moreover, you can get suggestions from people with similar interests attending the virtual fashion show with you. Hence, you can connect with them and enjoy the event to the fullest using communicative tools like chatting, audio, and video calling. 

4. B2B Meetings Scheduler

Sometimes, people like to talk to the speaker or organizers of the virtual exhibition platform, no matter if they will be available at the event or not. Also, the B2B meeting scheduler is a helpful element for a virtual fashion show. Moreover, you can easily schedule a meeting with your desired person even before the event starts. So, you can discuss and communicate with the virtual event organizer without any difficulty with a B2B meeting scheduler. 

5. Business Card Exchange

Mostly, on a physical, virtual, and hybrid AGM platform, people share their business cards and ask for others as well. But it is also necessary for a virtual fashion show. Hence, you can get a business card exchange element that can help you send requests to other people, and as soon as they approve, you will receive their business card. Similarly, you will receive a lot of requests for your business card. It is up to you which request you will approve and which not. 

6. Easy Navigator

While attending a traditional physical meeting, you can get various sign boards in order to reach the right place in the event. Just like that, you can get 360-degree navigation to explore the whole virtual space. It will help you get the various sessions and auditoriums created in the virtual fashion show platform. Moreover, you can not skip any parts during the virtual event.

7. Live Poll

You can also participate in the virtual live audience polls that can be interesting and interactive. The organizers may ask you some questions, and you can vote for the option that you support. This session is an engagement activity to know the opinion and thoughts of other participants.

8. Hooting, Clapping, and Emoticons

You can get various elements just to make the virtual fashion show experience more of an offline event experience. You can get clapping, hooting, like, heart, and other emoticons in order to give you an in-person experience. Moreover, you can appreciate the speakers and models by expressing your feelings with these emoticons. 

9. Gamification Leaderboard

Rests and breaks between various sessions and activities are also important. Moreover, you will get more than 100 AR/VR games to play during the interval and not get bored of the virtual fashion show platform. Also, you can feel a healthy competition with the leaderboard and contest. So, you can also win some gift or a prize if you rank on a good number in the list. 

10. Signature Wall

If you have a good experience at the virtual fashion show platform, you can express it with the signature wall marking your presence there. Moreover, you can leave your comments, thoughts, opinions, appreciation, etc., on the signature wall. Everyone at the virtual event with you will be able to see each other’s comments on the signature wall. 

11. AR Photo Booth

Photos are the most crucial aspect of both online and offline events. Hence, you can get AR photo booths at the virtual fashion show platform. Moreover, an AR photo booth can be helpful to take photos at the virtual fashion show platform with different and unique templates presented in the background related to the event. Also, you can share these photos on your social media accounts. So, you can create a memory online with the AR photo booth.

12. Notifications

It can be hard to remember the complete schedule of the virtual or hybrid event. Hence, the organizers will share all the important announcements and keep you up to date on any schedule changes, delays, speaker updates, and other such details with pop-up notifications during the event. Moreover, you can get all the updates smoothly at the top of your screen.

13. 24/7 Customer Support

There are lesser chances that you may face any difficulty in attending the virtual fashion show platform with a proper device and uninterrupted Internet connection to attend a virtual event. Still, you can achieve the customer support available round the clock to help you join the virtual event platform effortlessly if you face any trouble.

So, these are the various elements that you can expect to get to manage the virtual fashion show platform and enjoy the event to the fullest. So, get ready to book your front-row seat to a virtual fashion show, as you can get various tools and elements to celebrate better. 

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to know all the elements that can make your virtual fashion show experience seamless.

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