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04 Jun, 2023
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Simple Ways to Block Pop-ups on Google Chrome Browser

Google’s search engine is one of the most popular in the world. Apart from this, the company also offers services in many other domains. These include Gmail, Google Docs, and Digital Garage to name a few. One of these is the Google Chrome browser. With it, you can visit websites and get access to extensions for a smooth browsing experience on the web. The Google Chrome browser comes with many useful features that aid even the differently-abled to visit websites without facing any issues. 

It is important to take necessary safety measures while browsing the internet. Malware scams and phishing attempts are quite common on the internet. They can affect your browsing session in numerous ways. Pop-up ads are one such example. Contrary to marketing ads on your Cox cable packages connection, internet ads can appear abruptly on the screen. They can be a possible phishing scam and if you click on them, you can end up compromising your personal security. Therefore, it is important to block pop-ups on browsers. Learn how you can block them on the Google Chrome browser. 

Check for Chrome Updates

The first way to remove pop-ups on the Chrome browser is by checking for any available updates. To do this, head over to the “help” section in Chrome “settings”. Here, you will be able to see if any update is available. If it is available, download it immediately. 

Block Pop-ups Via Chrome Settings

You can manage the pop-up blocker in the Chrome browser by performing a few simple actions. Go to “settings” by clicking on the Chrome menu. It is present in the top right corner of the window. Next, type “pop” in the search bar. You will see “site settings” in the list. Click on it and then you’ll see “pop-ups and redirects”. If “allowed” is written below this entry, change it to “blocked”. 

Normally, Chrome blocks pop-ups by default. This is the reason why a majority of internet users prefer it over other browsers. You can also block pop-up ads for certain selected websites. If you have allowed pop-ups from certain websites then you will be able to see a list of websites on this page. Next to each website will be three dots. Click on them to choose from three options that include block, edit, and remove. Click on “block” to stop receiving pop-ups from a particular website. 

Use an Antivirus

The next step to remove any pop-up ads from your Chrome browser is by using an antivirus program. One of the most suitable programs for this purpose is the Malwarebytes Anti-malware. This program will help to scan any internal software that is making pop-ups appear during your browsing session. This is because sometimes a corrupted or scam software or app within the computer is causing the pop-up ads to appear while you are connected to the internet. 

You can also download some other type of antivirus software for this purpose too. Make sure that the antivirus is from a reliable company so that it can easily identify and remove any malware apps. It is recommended to perform regular system scans. 

Remove Suspicious Programs

Old applications that stop receiving updates pose a threat to computer systems. They may also be responsible for pop-up ads. This is because any virus can easily corrupt such files. Therefore, it is recommended to remove them when they are no longer in use. You can always buy a better software or application to perform the same function. Simply head over to the “control panel”. Next, click on “Add or remove programs” to remove all obsolete apps from your computer. 

Keep Your Firewall Active

The Windows Firewall must be active at all times. It can help to protect your internet files and sensitive data from many cyberattacks. It can also help to block pop-ups. The firewall analyzes, records, and monitors all the network data traveling from and coming to your computer. Not only that, but it also monitors all the IP addresses, communication channels, and website certificates to handle potential threats. 

These are some of the best tips and ways to block pop-ups on your Google Chrome browser. Remember that these ads can be possible phishing attempts aimed at getting access to your credit card info, family photos, or company blueprints. Therefore, it is necessary to take all the steps to ensure that they do not appear frequently while you are browsing.

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