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24 May, 2022
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We Are Eagerly Waiting For These Apple Products, Are You?

2022 seems to be a promising year and might give us an exciting range of upcoming Apple Products. There are anticipations regarding the new iPhone 14, brand new MacBook Air Pro, and new generations of iPad. The company is also planning to step into a complete new range of products with the launch of the AR headset.

Apple might also introduce the Apple Watch 8, the AirPods pro 2, and iPhone SE 3. There is also a possibility of a new Apple monitor. The following section of this article lists a few of the Apple new product launch 2022.

Apple iPhone 14

Apple has continued with its tradition of introducing a new flagship iPhone every year since 2007. The expectations are running high in 2022 as Apple plans to introduce the iPhone 14 somewhere around September. 

Previous leaks surfacing the internet gave a sneak peek of the latest iPhone 14 Pro without the notch and a titanium frame. It is likely to come with a supersize 6.7-inch screen on the “Max” variant. Apple will no longer continue with the mini version due to poor demands. 

However, the launch is likely to be towards the latter half of 2022 and before that Apple is all set to treat fans with some budget offerings. The first quarter of 2022 might witness the introduction of the iPhone SE 3. It will feature the proven Apple A15 bionic chip for seamless everyday use. It might also be renamed as iPhone SE Plus even though it will continue with the 4.7-inch screen size and the iPhone 8 line design just as its predecessor. 

Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple watch series 8 will sport a slightly different design language than its predecessor. However, on the inside, it will have a completely different set of internals that is likely to make it a whole lot powerful. The Apple watch is likely to be launched alongside the flagship iPhone around September. Reports on the Internet suggest that it will come with several health sensors.

iMac 2022

The iMac received a significant update in 2021 and it became more colorful with the M1-powered 24 inch iMac. In 2022 chances are that the big screen iMac will get refreshed along with the inclusion of more powerful internals. 

Other Apple devices like the Mac Pro, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro will also receive updates this year. It seems like Apple will roll out a new or updated Apple Products this year!

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