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21 May, 2022
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Ed-Fi Data

Why Ed-Fi Data Standard Is Gaining Worldwide Popularity These Days?

You might have heard of the term Ed-Fi more than once. But, you are not sure what it exactly stands for or how it might benefit the district. A quick overview of the Ed-Fi standards will help you to understand the reasons behind its growing popularity and why more people are into this module.

Experts are known to use the power of Edfi Data Standard for taking data points from various systems and running them into top-notch insights. 

Some of the key points to remember:

School districts are now capturing countless data points on a daily basis. The issue with such information is its spread across various systems, making it difficult to process and compare. Ed-Fi will help out the school leaders to keep track of the data points from multiple systems and then turn those numbers into action for improving instructions.

  • Whenever you are forced to pull data out of the system for merging it with data from another source, it will become static and will lose its value.
  • But, when data gets to flow in real-time from one system to another, it maintains the value and accuracy level.
  • Working with Ed-Fi means embracing interoperability. It means integrations will be a lot easier and faster.
  • The districts have aligned with the Ed-Fi standard, from streamlining the state reporting submissions to reduced maintenance costs and more.
  • There is going to be more local control over reporting and their data as well. 

Whenever you are able to get all the relevant data from under one spot, it gets a lot easier to view, analyze, and also report on it. It is one major benefit of the Ed-Fi data standard to follow around here.

Reasons why Ed-Fi is current taking over:

Previously, there was a particular system that helped roster information. Then you have others stored curricula, and another was meant for the behavioral data over here. During the data silos, it will be great complex increasingly to find the relation between multiple data sources. So, you cannot get the comprehensive picture of the students along with the educational environment under one hold.

  • That’s when the Ed-Fi data standard comes into action. It becomes a whole lot easier to address the issue from its core.
  • The data framework is likely to cover the milestone of data interoperability. 
  • The current Ed-Fi platform will fundamentally transform the ways in which administrators, educators, and stakeholders are using information, as scattered throughout various data sources.
  • It will also help in turning raw data into actionable insights and then supporting decision-making throughout the process.
  • Ed-Fi-based data standard is always focusing on easier data-based decision-making for the school leaders over here.

Why is the Ed-Fi data standard is getting such huge popularity among the masses these days?

Ed-Fi is not just targeted to be a tool or technology. It is mainly a community with extensive community support. It consists of the educators, technologists, agencies, administrators, collaborative, and vendors out there.

  • The standard always remains transparent within the said community. The goals, missions, and operations are easily accessible to anyone interested in it.
  • The data standard ensures that interconnected systems will always go for a common language.
  • The standard always remains scalable and flexible and will help the stakeholders to scale according to their needs.
  • So, that helps it to adapt to the platform in a free-flowing manner.
  • Another interesting factor about it is that the Ed-Fi data standard remains free, and it is always open for anyone to give out a try.
  • It is considered to be a non-profit initiative, which is funded by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation completely.
  • There is no need to focus on licensing fees to use the services of the Ed-Fi data standard.
  • Whenever you have integrated the standard, you will end up making data-driven and robust decisions over here.

The vision of Ed-Fi data standard:

The main goal of Ed-Fi is to transform educational practices and then empower educators by offering comprehensive and real-time data. With the help of this standard, in every classroom, each teacher is going to collect data and insights on students in real-time.

  • It will help in enabling them to optimize the current education system.
  • The Ed-Fi data standard will further help in supporting enough responsibility and interoperability. The main goal is to deliver personalized learning all the way through.
  • The same structure helps in improving efficacy in deploying and then streamlining resources from the present and the future as well.

So, if there is one way to modernize the IT infrastructure, then that has to be the Ed-Fi data standard over here. It will take the open-source and data-driven approach towards education. It helps in gathering data in a rather unified manner and leverage insights for supporting learning goals.

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