10 Famous Activities To Do In Rishikesh

Rishikesh, located in southwest Uttarakhand, is a perfect destination for travel freaks. The city offers exciting adventures, serene sightseeing, and exotic food. Not only do the travellers enjoy nature, but also, there are enormous activities to do in Rishikesh. Also, hotels in Rishikesh come under budget for every travel enthusiast. So, plan your travel and book your tickets to explore this serene city.    

Top 10 Famous Activities To Do In Rishikesh In 2022

So, plan your trip to enjoy the best of Rishikesh and do not forget to include these amazing and thrilling activities in your to-do list. And so, here are our Top 10 famous activities to do in Rishikesh, just for you. Take a look:

1. River Rafting

Undoubtedly topping the list of the best activities, river rafting is a must when in Rishikesh. The rubber boat sails through the river Ganges taking the excitement of tourists to another level. The approximate cost of the activity lies between Rs 1500 to Rs 3000. If you are planning to visit Rishikesh anytime soon, note river rafting must acquire a space into your bucket list. Also, the ideal season for rafting is summer.

2. Flying Fox

Similar to zip lining, the activity involves the traveller sliding through the rope from one point to another. The rope is located at a higher altitude which provides both view and adventure. There is no specific age bar associated with the activity. It is open to all. However, those with good physical fitness are recommended to participate in the activity. Travellers with a history of heart diseases, blood pressure, etc are suggested to consult before participation. The activity costs approx Rs 2500 - Rs 5000. 

3. Bungee Jumping

With India’s highest bungee jump measuring 84 Meters, Rishikesh is said to raise an adrenaline rush within you. It is an activity wherein a person jumps off from height with an attached harness and experiences a great fall. What makes it even more adventurous is the bounce-back experienced post jumping. It’s a must-try activity in Rishikesh. Also, bungee jumping is strongly not recommended for those with heart and blood pressure conditions. The activity is open throughout the year with an average cost of approx Rs 5000.

4. Camping

Rishikesh is one of the most beautiful places that has been bestowed with serene views and surroundings.  Imagine camping beside the river Ganges? Sounds astonishing right? That’s what Rishikesh is all about. Go camping, enjoy the views, and do not forget to explore the depths of this city. Rishikesh is high on culture and heritage that is worth exploring. Camping in Rishikesh costs approx Rs 4000 and it is open to all.

5. Cliff Jumping

As the name suggests, cliff jumping is one of the most tried adventures when in Rishikesh. The spot is located at a height of approx. 50 ft. The activity involved jumping right into the river Ganges. The jumping is accelerated under expert supervision. It is extremely recommended for those with a bold heart. Cliff jumping costs approx Rs 2000 and only accepts adults with no history of illness. 

6. Giant Swing

Similar to Bungee Jumping, Giant Swing is another adventure that accelerates the adrenaline rush. Here, the swing is connected to a specific point involving harness as well as ropes. Once the traveller jumps off, he rotates like a pendulum. That’s how the giant swing works. It is done on the same spot as Bungee Jumping. The cost for the adventure lies between Rs 4000 - Rs 7000. It is not recommended for kids and those with a history of blood pressure and heart disease.

7. Ganga Aarti

Who said only adventure makes a trip complete - Attending Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat in Rishikesh is considered to be once in a lifetime experience. The divinity and grace surrounded by floating earthen lamps enhance the atmosphere and make everyone indulge in deep spirituality. The Aarti is performed post-sunset by the priests beside the river Ganga. The Aarti is conducted throughout the year and there are no entry fees required. 

8. Air Safari

Hot Air Balloon rides are a must-try in Rishikesh. It is commonly known as Air Safari and gives an electric view of the city. The views and natural scenic beauty of Rishikesh are best enjoyed in a hot air balloon. It goes as high as perfect to give a panoramic view of the city. It is open for all and the price range starts from Rs 8000. The ideal time to enjoy an air safari is during summer. 

9. Practice Yoga

Rishikesh is well known for practising yoga and the city provides enormous options for learning Yoga. The centres are run by a range of expert Yoga trainers. The sessions usually are conducted in the open air and beside the river Ganga. Practising Yoga brings calm and patience followed by prosperity amongst individuals. The famous centres for yoga in Rishikesh are Anand Prakash and Rishikesh Yogpeeth. The sessions cost approx Rs 2000 per person. Yoga in Rishikesh is a must-try.

10. Elephant Safari at Rajaji National Park

One of the most famous national parks in Uttarakhand, Rajaji National Park is a destination worth paying a visit. It is home to elephants and sambar deers. However, what gathers prime attention is the night Elephant Safari. The Activity is undertaken during the summers. Also, tourists witness a range of birds. The ideal time to visit the national park is during summers. The national park can be reached from Chilla Range. It is the closest point to Rishikesh for visiting the national park. 

Final Words

So, the above-mentioned activities to do in Rishikesh are an excellent treat to the tourists visiting Rishikesh. Do not forget to try on the delicacies this city has to offer. The street food is super delicious. 

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