A Complete Guide For Kasol -Tosh - Kheerganga - Malana Circuit

Kasol has been famous for its rave parties and free spirit culture. People generally visit Kasol to explore the beautiful mountains and the magnificent river Parvati and Parvati Valley, of course. This is a place where you can finally open your wings and live the best days of your life.  Kasol is the ultimate place to enjoy the beauty of the valley and the grandness of the mountains. Surrounded by many beautiful places, you can easily plan a trip from Kasol to Tosh to Kheerganga, Malana, Manikaran, etc. So if you wish to get lost among strangers and witness the irresistible beauty of the mountains, then Kasol circuit is the perfect place for you.  

Top Places To Visit In Parvati Valley


Tosh village is also a fantastic place to visit in Parvati Valley. This place has several homestays which are full of lovely people. This place provides you with a perfect view of the Pulga River. And you can also enjoy a short walk to admire the various meadows and glacier-covered peaks. You can either choose an easy climb or a steep climb to reach the Tosh village, and it will take you there in around 1 hour. Here you can camp for one night and experience the beautiful culture of the people of this village. After the night stay, you can start early for the Kheerganga trek the next day. https://www.instagram.com/p/CeGhOXRP7Df/  


Kheerganga trek was not so famous earlier, but almost everyone loves trekking here nowadays. There was a ban on camping in Kheerganga because of overcrowding problem, spoiling the beauty of the place.  After the ban on camping, Kheerganga has attained its beauty again, and you should go for the day trek because the view is entirely magnificent. The trek is a little tiring, but once you reach the top, you can witness the snow-covered mountains. You can sit and enjoy the view here while being surrounded by a calm and peaceful feeling. https://www.instagram.com/p/CeIVn09P21O/  


You might be familiar with Malana because of the notorious hashish production. But this place is more than that. This isolated village, situated on the other side of the Parvati valley, is beautiful and can be reached by trekking or personal vehicles. No buses are travelling on this path, and the reason behind this is to protect Malana from pollution. Considering your speed, it is a very small trek of just 2-3 km trek and can be completed in just 2-3 hours. The view, in the end, is breathtaking and mesmerizing, and you can’t afford to miss it.  Tall, royal mountains enclose Malana on both sides and Kasol to Malana village distance is 22 km and can be covered in 1.5 hours of drive. The Parvati River passing in front of it separates Malana from the other side of the valley. This place is very known to the tourists, making it even more enjoyable.  https://www.instagram.com/p/CeG8qDjvvEk/  


Manikaran is a small town in Parvati valley, located along the banks of the Parvati River. It is mainly famous for the Manikaran Gurudwara and its hot springs. It is also filled with many beautiful temples; if you are a religious person or not, this is a place you should visit once. One of the main attractions here is the hot springs and the beautiful background. The view behind the temples and the Gurudwara is extremely delicate and indescribable. If you plan to stop at this place, ensure you have the Gurudwara’s langar. The entire langar process is heart-touching, and the food is just delicious; moreover, this place is very peaceful ad calm. This place will please your soul and inner self. https://www.instagram.com/p/CcpbL3CDH7T/  


Finally, let’s come to the main reason to visit Parvati Valley, which is none other than Kasol. This hill station is filled up with hippies and holds up a lot of happening parties and music festivals. Many travellers get together at this place, and you will enjoy meeting new people. Another attraction of this place is camping alongside the river and witnessing the beautiful full moon at night. The best thing about Parvati Valley is that it offers many short and long treks and is one of the best places for trekking enthusiasts. You can go for the Kasol to Tosh trek or enjoy a short hike to the Tosh village. The possibilities are endless. And if you aren’t sure about the difficulty level of these treks, you can always ask the locals for help. https://www.instagram.com/p/CeDk5dhFlWn/  

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