Best Offbeat Destinations For Travellers To Visit During Monsoons

The chilled breeze caresses the face, heavenly rain drops and cloudy weather- it is that time of the year again when rain smiles upon us and blesses us while relieving us from the blazing sun and heat. Vacation during this season, especially in India, is a blissful experience that will leave you speechless. Indian destinations hold a variety of exotic locations that will awestruck you with their magnificence. The cool weather tempts almost everyone to go out and enjoy, and you should not miss the chance to explore incredible India's beautiful views and landscapes.  To make the most of the monsoon season, we've got you a list of offbeat destinations that will add pleasure to your experience. 

Lonavala, Maharashtra 

Lonavala is a beautiful hill station near Mumbai. Its varied mountain ranges, stunning waterfalls, fascinating caves and luxurious stays will revive during the monsoon season. The pleasant ambience this place offers is worth monsoon travel. A gentle and chilled gust of air when it touches your face and hair amid quaint surroundings and lush greenery will refresh your soul while providing you with a beautiful experience.

Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu 

Tamil Nadu embraces a combination of temples, towns, cities, the calmest beaches and hill stations brimming with incredible views and culture. Kotagiri is one such city that is located in the heart of paradise. This gorgeous hill station is flooded with dense flora and lofty mountainous locations and is a perfect destination for wanderer-stricken spirits. You can run to this place during the monsoon for an exhilarating mountain adventure. Do visit Longwood Shola, Catherine Falls, Rangaswamy Peak and Kodanad Point while in Kotagiri.

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh 

Ziro Valley is located in the Lower Subansiri district, Arunachal Pradesh and is known as the oldest untapped town that maintains exceptional beauty. The monsoon showers bring a new proportion to this valley as it paves the way for lushes and fresh blossoms which enchant the surroundings. The mild rains at this place will keep you all happy and relaxed without disrupting your dreams. Ziro offers stunning trekking trails, Talley Valley wildlife sanctuary, jeep safaris, and other experiences to make your vacation happen.

Mount Abu, Rajasthan 

We all see Rajasthan, the state with the largest area in India, as a burning place, and that's the reason why we often cut down the spot from our itinerary regarding summer vacation. Well, many of us had already done that? This deserted state holds a tranquil hill station known as Mount Abu, located in the Sirohi district is a hub of natural beauty and calm surroundings that will make you encounter various experiences that hold worth. The place is home to historical monuments, prehistoric temples, attractive lakes, wildlife sanctuaries and lush green hills that will make your vacation relaxing, exciting and daring. Visit Nakki Lake, Dhrudhiya Waterfall and traverse the tank for the most incredible experience. 

Coorg, Karnataka 

Coorg's breathtaking and uncommon beauty offers an assortment of experiences and pleasant weather perfect for this time of the year. If you want to dive deep into nature's beautiful and comforting relaxation, this place has everything you want. Do visit Abbey Falls, Raja's Seat, Dubare Elephant Camp, Madikeri Fort and Omkarewshwara Temple for a memorable experience.

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