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03 Jun, 2023
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Ditch Mall Roads, Go Trout Fishing In These Offbeat Places In Himachal Pradesh

Whenever we hear the word ‘Himachal Pradesh’, all we can recall is the usual mall roads and famous tourist spots like Manali and Shimla. However, to witness the true beauty that Himachal has to offer, you need to visit offbeat and unconventional destinations that are free from people and full of nature. Right from magnificent lakes, breathtaking views to snow-capped mountains, Himachal Pradesh has a lot more to offer than the typical tourists’ spots!

Here are 6 such offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh whose pristine view will cling with you for a lifetime:



A small village situated in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, Chitkul, is located at the height of 3450 meters. Snow-covered hills, beautiful mustard fields, and various shades of apple orchards make Chitkul nothing short of heaven. The picturesque landscape of the Baspa river flowing on one side and apple orchids standing tall at the other makes Chitkul a great place of divinity. 

Fun Fact: Chitkul is the last village of India located at the edge of Indo-Tibetan road.

Best time to visit: March-May



There are chances that you might not have heard the name before! Well, Tandi is an extremely unexplored destination in Himachal Pradesh and is located 8 km above the Jibhi valley. With the magnificent view of Himalayan subtropical pine forests, Tandi is a beautiful village with wheat and maize fields, apple orchards and pear trees. If you like to visit places with zero footfall, Tandi is the perfect destination for you! 

Best time to visit: February- December



Quite close to the breathtaking Jalori Pass, Shoja is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh. Right from trekking, nature walks, bird watching to camping, there are a lot of activities one can do while in Shoja. This place will give you a break that you need from the busy metropolitan cities. One can even do trout fishing over here! Trust us, Shoja will make you fall in love with it! 

Best time to visit: March-June, September-November


Whenever we hear the word ‘Rafting’, Rishikesh comes to our mind. Well, even Himachal Pradesh has a hidden treasure for rafting, known as Tattapani. It is a quaint area that is nothing short of a wonderland. Not only rafting, but these place also offers other adventurous sports such as zorbing, skiing, and paragliding. The village Tattapani is located just 60kms from Shimla and is perfect for a short weekend getaway

Best time to visit: Year-round


Located at the height of 10,000 feet above sea level, Rasol is a magical village. You might have heard about Parvati Valley? Rasol is located in the valley itself. With stunning views and scenic landscape, Rasol is a great place to visit. This season, leave Kasol and pick Rasol instead. 

Best time to visit: April-December 

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