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24 May, 2022
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Experience Delhi NCR’s Longest Zip Line At The Delta 105 Army Theme Park

Delta 105 is an Army Theme Park where the visitors get to experience what aspirants of the forces go through. It is about 30 minutes drive from Gurugram near Manesar in the village of Pada. That park is built over sprawling 26 acres of land and promises a memorable experience for the visitors. The camp has around 10 luxury tents along with attached toilets. Recently the park has introduced the longest zipline that one can find in Delhi NCR. It extends over 224 meters. The starting point of this zipline is around 40 feet high and allows individuals to participate simultaneously in the adventure activity.

Delta 105 is specifically an Army Theme Park where people experience what the jawans as part of the training experiences. The park remains open 7 days a week and brings an extensive range of adventure activities that includes paintball, navigating to a maze, and a guided tour of a war zone. Some of the other fun activities include animal rides, puppet shows, magic shows, and more.


The visitors also get an opportunity to learn how to fold a national flag and how to tie a knot. The camp offers a variety of scrumptious food for the whole day which is another major attraction of the place. The founder of the park is retired army personnel whose objective was to form a theme park that will allow people to do something fascinating while getting to learn something new. Major Dinesh Sharma finds great pleasure to come up with innovations in ideas for his theme park.

Delta 105 offers both day picnic and accommodation facilities for people looking to experience a wide variety of activities in Delta 105 theme park. A usual day tour at the park includes activities like learning about bunkers, trenches, and war zones, the visitors, get to experience different kinds of animal rides. Adventure seekers can take part in different activities like zipling in Delhi NCR, archery, gun shoot, and basketball. A whole day package without accommodation at delta 105 Adventure Park is around ?799 per person including breakfast lunch and regiment food.


People looking for adventure sports in Delhi NCR kinda experience can stay inside the luxury cams available inside the park. Accommodation packages start at ?3500 including bed tea, breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, regiment food, dinner, and live barbeque. The Delta 105 Army Theme Park visitors get to learn about the life and routine of army camps and also about various practices of the armed forces of India.

It’s a great initiative, indeed!

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