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Rajgundha Valley Trek: Experience the Magic of Sky

One of the few quirky treks in Himachal Pradesh is the Rajgundha Trek, which can be done as a weekend trip from Delhi. This trek takes you through the Dhauladhar mountain ranges with a clear sky and fresh air to breathe. In this valley, you can watch stars at night and even spot the milky way galaxy, and if you are lucky, you might observe the planets and meteors too. There are other treks in Himachal Pradesh, such as the Prashar Lake trek, Kheerganga trek, etc., but none can give you the sceneries like Rajgundha valley.

Here’s Some Must-Know Information Before Exploring The Beauty Of The Rajgundha Valley Trek. 

How To Reach Rajgundha?

Situated among the Dhauladhar mountain ranges, Rajgundha Valley consists of several small villages slightly disconnected from the rest of the world. It might be one of the reasons why this Bir Billing trek is more famous among the locals than the tourists. The Rajgundha trek package offers you fantastic views that makes it perfect for nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts.  

There are many ways to reach Bir Billing, from where you can start your trek. You can drive all through the way, the nearest railway station to Bir-Billing is the Pathankot Junction, and the nearest airport station is the Kangra Airport. The local taxis are always there in service to take you to your destination.

Approximately 8900 ft. Above sea level, Rajgundha Village and Kukkar Gundha village enjoys a pleasant climate and beautiful landscape. Since these villages are a part of the valley, you can enjoy some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. And the best thing about this valley is that the only way to travel to other villages is by walking or using a mule.  

Life is simple in Rajgundha Valley as people are self-reliant and believe in the old and traditional ways of living. They mainly do farming here and sell the produce in the markets of the towns in Himachal Pradesh. Since they have enough produce, they use it to prepare healthy and nutritious food. 

Bir-Billing to Trek Starting Point

From Bir, Billing is around 14 km away, and it takes 40 – 60 minutes to reach there by driving. You may take your car and park it at the Billing Takeoff site. They charge a fee for keeping your vehicle, but this assures you that your vehicle will be safe.

You also can take a private cab to the Billing takeoff site, which may cost 600 – 1000 INR. It is a good option if you are travelling with friends and you don’t want to get tired driving. But if you are travelling alone, you can join a Paragliding group to Billing, and the cab cost can be shared. The trek to Rajgundha begins from the Billing takeoff site.

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