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09 Dec, 2022
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These Road Trips in India Will Help You Explore Your Inner Self

Road Trips are the best ways to explore your inner self and beyond. It not only allows you to make your trip the way you want it but it also gives you a complete freedom to visit places where no one goes. India is a beautiful country and travelling by road, you spend many days exploring. Keeping it simple and very fun for a small pocket traveler, here are some road trips that will help one get to know this country around. In addition, enthusiastic travelers can even do road trips to cover all of India. Even after many cuts and concussions, this is a very long journey but you can always choose one part of a trip and cover the rest on your next journey. The longer the trip you plan with your family and friends the more it is going to satisfy your hunger.

Leh and Srinagar (2500 km, 12-13 days) 

Best time to visit: May-November

This route does not require any introduction. Leh is a dream destination for all road lovers as well as bikers. Walking through the snowy peaks on the highway of a very steep road is a pleasure for yourself. This is mostly on the bucket list of all road trip enthusiasts. You can attach this route to Leh-Manali-Leh or Srinagar-Leh-Manali as most group bike tours are planned for this region only. One information to keep in mind while planning the trip is that rented cars are not allowed in Leh so plan your expenses and travel accordingly. You can find tons of information available online to plan your trip. Bicycle tours are also available through secure tourist agencies and are a great way to connect with like-minded people. The general idea is that this road is only for the one who loves adventure.

East Coast (2000 km, 10-15 days)

Best time to visit: November-February 

While watching Chennai Express, you must have secretly wished to experience the journey of Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. Here is your chance to drive on the glorious Pamban Bridge over the sea. Road conditions are great and every destination is known for its scenic beauty and traditional culture. Food is good if you choose to eat at the right place.You will find the ancient dravid culture unaltered as you go south. The trek will start with a tranquil view of the east coast road and the ancient coastal town of Mahabalipuram and will conclude with a teapot falling down the mountains of Nilgiri in Munnar.

West Coast (2500 km, 10-15 days)

Best time to visit: November-February

It covers everything a traveler desires for. The pristine beaches of Gokarna and Kovalam, the breath-taking ghats of the Wayanad, the celestial food at Coorg, the Alleppey waters, the glorious Mysore stories and the mountain towns of Kodaikanal and Ooty. Goa or Bangalore are ideal places to star the trip. Monsoon is a great time to experience the best of the northern region while the southern region is best considered for the winter. Overall, October to December is the perfect place to appreciate the spelling beauty of this region. 

Road to Bhutan (1000 km, 7-10 days)

Best time to visit: October-April 

Indian passport holders do not need a visa to visit Bhutan and it is easily accessible by road. You can rent a car or a bike from Siliguri and ride in Bhutan for a week, the only country that  ranks above in Gyalyong Gakid Palzom, or Gross National Happiness (GNH), above its GDP. To find an enthusiastic traveler, proceed from Punakha and exit Guwahati on the other side of the map. The Tiger Nest in Paro is one of the most beautiful tours in the world and is visited by thousands of travelers.

Western Ghats (1000 km, 7 days)

Best time to visit: June-November 

It is in the list of every Mumbaikar’s weekend escape and even you can keep it in your bucket list each Monsoon weekend. For some, you may have to do it all at once. One thing that you can follow is to visit the western ghats during the rainy season and we can guarantee you that you will be back at the western ghats every monsoon. Mumbai or Pune is an ideal regional exploration site. These are places where the journey is much better than the places you go. Visit Imagica and Della Adventures for some fun activities along the way. While exploring these incredibly beautiful ghats, you can discover amazing little villages. Do not hesitate to spend a night or two at such innate places.

Royal Rajasthan (2400 km, 10-12 days)

Best time to visit: November-February 

Royalty of Rajasthan is not only popular among local tourists, most of the foreign tourists visit India to experience the rich culture of the Rajputana Province. Winter is the perfect time to enjoy a traditional visit. This tour can be completed by any means, from Ranthambore or from Jaipur. Udaipur and Jaisalmer are the best travel destinations. Ending the road trip with forest camp and safari is the perfect way. 

Road to Himalayas (1400 km, 7-10 days)

Best time to visit: March-September 

This is an inactive region and it is highly recommended that you collect all the information you can get from Kinnaur to the Spiti leg because most roads are closed and even open conditions are not very good. The mountain towns are remarkably green and are connected to the outside world. Tune in to your bucket list for river rafting and bungee jumping in Rishikesh at the beginning of the cycle and enjoy a close walk to the small villages of the sacred Uttarakhand. The shortcut runs directly from Auli to Kufri.

Sikkim- Old Silk Route (800 km, 10-15 days)

Best time to visit: May-November 

The most favourite route of travellers is the silk route that was used to trade silk from China to the west and middle east countries. This route is one of the most pleasing routes on the Himalayas with a lot of hairpin bends. Sikkim is a combination of northeast and other Indian culture. A Limited Local Permit will be required to travel to Lachung, Nathula and Zuluk (Silk Route) which can be found in Gangtok. Save one day in Gangtok to plan the same. 


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