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21 May, 2022
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Travel Websites That Accept Crypto Payments

The long-awaited expectations of cryptocurrency took a new turn as they unfolded through different pathways. Among the trends of news in the cryptocurrency market are the NFTs, Metaverse, web 3.0, etc. The rate of cryptocurrency adoption in the midst of this good news is something to be conscious of. First was El-Salvador that now accepts Bitcoin as legal tender and lately, the Indian government is taking a step closer to adopting cryptocurrencies after years of wavering on its stance. You can really travel without cash and credit cards; you just need to think over your route and expenses in detail.

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin has also gained more traction featuring many webshops and platforms accepting the token as payment. Among the long list are travel sites and travel agencies that accept digital currency as a mode of payment, typically Bitcoin. You must have had major experiences like staying up-to-date with crypto calculators such as the Bitcoin calculator focusing on trading. Now you can add more to your experiences by planning your travels with the new form of cashless policy offered by travel sites as they accept crypto payments. Let’s briefly discuss some of the travel sites that accept crypto pays:


Destinia is an online travel site that accepts cryptocurrency payments, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, IATA, and other credit cards have been added to the list of approved crypto payments. The website app can be found on Google Play, App Gallery, and App Store. This website demonstrates a great “interest in” and “support for” bitcoin acceptance as a payment method by including a cryptocurrency page on the website for customer knowledge and guidance. On the portal, Destinia opens doors to airlines, hotels, airport terminals, and other services. You may also enter financial constraints and plan full-fledged themed holidays, such as romantic getaways, anniversaries, and safaris, on the site.


Travaland is a blockchain-based travel booking website that was founded in 2017. In addition to allowing regular credit and debit cards, Travaland offers a better customer experience by embracing bitcoin payment alternatives. It allows you to book over a couple of thousand lodgings, airlines, and other travel arrangements in over 200 destinations across the world using nearly any digital currency. By introducing its token, the AVA token, this company has taken a step further in its belief in the use of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. This token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is available on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and KuCoin. To encourage a healthy internal economy, Travaland creates an incentive use of the token with advantages like reductions on your bookings, bonus awards, and a loyalty program.


This platform has received positive feedback from over 7,000 users, with an average rating of 4.5 stars. The portal provides a plethora of possibilities that can be narrowed down by aircraft kinds, departure and arrival destinations, and the flexibility to choose between fixed and flexible dates, making budget travel simple. CheapAir accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment methods. The existence of this platform on new sites such as CNN, FOX, and others demonstrates its legitimacy. An off-site airfare that notifies users of the lowest rates, unique travel deals, and other user-oriented approaches is one of the user-oriented techniques.  


Bitcoin.Travel is one of the many travel sites that accept cryptocurrency as payment. It is best known for accepting Bitcoin, but it has recently expanded to accept a variety of other cryptocurrencies, similar to the Brazil presidency upgrade gesture from Lula da Silva to Dilma Rousseff. “Well-established platform, Bitcoin.Travel, enables crypto payments, where customers can browse for flights, hotels, resorts, excursions, rentals, and other services throughout the world,” according to the site. You can search for hotels, flights, and vehicles, among other things. According to the website, Bitcoin.Travel has been featured in Forbes, ABC News, TNW Web, the Guardian, and other publications. Forbes reports that “Bitcoin is being accepted by an increasing number of businesses. Among the most extensive lists of companies that accept bitcoin is Bitcoin.Travel.” All of the businesses associated with Bitcoin.Travel promise that they will take your digital currency.

EXPEDIA is a travel site that offers more benefits than most others, including the ability to track your refunds, update or cancel a trip, use a credit or voucher, and so on.

The main disadvantage is that Expedia only takes Bitcoin for hotel reservations. When both components are priced separately, one of the unique benefits offered by this site is the ability to look into savings packs that are more than or equivalent to the actual price of one component. Despite the fact that the package ran from January to December 18th, 2018, more is expected of this platform from a site that went above and beyond to please its customers. The site attempted to raise awareness about its products, and Ewan McGregor is one of the platform’s advertisements. 

As you know, the cryptocurrency has reached its peak of popularity after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Firstly, many people began to look for an alternative method for saving their own capital, and secondly, many were in search of earnings, so there was a greater demand for investments in cryptocurrency.

Party travel agencies, hotels, airlines, etc. is also quite understandable: almost all of the above companies have suffered heavy losses due to long-term quarantines and lockdowns. The tourism industry has learned to adapt, and the further, the more agencies are going to meet payments in cryptocurrencies in order to compensate for earlier losses and not to refuse solvent individuals who wish to purchase services for Bitcoins.

In the end, we would like to say before starting any journey for cryptocurrency, be sure to think about the way it is stored. It can be a bank card that supports digital coins, or it can be a digital wallet. In advance, check with the hotel where you are going to, whether they support cryptocurrency money and what methods of accepting payments are relevant in this place.

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