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21 May, 2022
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What Is The Best Time To Visit Shimla And Manali?

Shimla and Manali are undoubtedly the best hill stations in India to spend a splendid time. Shimla and Manali are top of the list of famous tourist destinations in India. This is the reason one must opt for the Shimla Manali Tour Packages to experience the beauty of these places. But if you want to experience the best out of the trip then you must know the best time to visit Shimla and Manali. So, let us discover the best time when you can visit Shimla and Manali.

Shimla and Manali In The Summer Season

Temperature & Weather in Summer

The temperature in Shimla & Manali during the summer season ranges from 10°C to 25°C. Since Shimla and Manali are situated in the lap of the great Himalaya, they do not experience the harsh summers. The sun rays entering the cities through the Himalayas keep it green during the entire summer season. During the summer season, the place is full of greenery and seems full of life. This is the major reason why summer can opt as the right time to visit. Apart from these reasons, the days during the summer are warm but not too hot and during the night, it is cool and relaxing.

Major Events to Witness During Summer

Shimla and Manali are not just famous because of the prominent weather but also because of the culture and traditions followed here. These places witness several festivals during the summer season. One of the best festivals is the Doongri Devi festival where the Hadimba Devi is worshipped with ethnic rituals. While Sipi

Fair, Rohru Fair, and the Summer festivals are the major events you can witness in Shimla.

Why Visit During The Summer?

Summer is considered the peak season to visit Shimla and Manali. This time is mostly full of tourists in the entire city. The snow can be still be seen in some of the mountains but the other valleys are full of green carpets. During this season you can witness the mixed views from different places. This is the reason why summer is a good time to visit Shimla and Manali.

Shimla and Manali In Monsoon

Temperature And Weather In Monsoon

The temperature of Shimla and Manali during the monsoon season ranges from 10°C and 16°C. The weather during monsoon is not quite preferred to visit 

Shimla and Manali. The major threat during this season is the occasional landslides. But the time just after the monsoon is very fresh and makes the place look more beautiful and green. The muddy and threatening weather during the monsoon decreases the number of tourists in Shimla and Manali.

Major Events To Witness During Monsoon

Despite the danger involved in roaming around Shimla and Manali in the monsoon season, the spirit in people to visit do not need. People still visit the place to witness some of the major events. One of the major reasons to visit the place during the monsoon is the Hariyali festival. During the festival, seven different types of seeds are sown at the beginning of the season. The festival is further accompanied by some cultural songs and dances. The festival originally belongs to the local farmers.

Why Visit During The Monsoon?

If you are looking to avoid the crowd rush during your Shimla and Manali tour then you can opt for monsoon. During this season very few tourists come to pay a visit. This is the peak time for isolation in Shimla and Manali. Although the crowd is less you are strictly prohibited from trekking during this season because of the high risk of landslides. Also, several activities are prohibited during this season. So, less crowd can only be the reason to travel during this time.

Shimla and Manali In The Winter Season

Temperature And Weather In Monsoon

The temperature during the winter in Shimla and Manali falls below the 0°CThe winter in Shimla and Manali is extremely cold. You can experience the snowfall in the entire season. The temperature falls more during the nighttime. This is the perfect time for sightseeing in the snow-covered mountains. Also, it is a favorite spot for snowfall lovers.

Major Events To Witness During Winter

The winter season in Manali and Shimla is not just great for the scenic beauty but also important for the festivals and other celebrations. The Winter Carnival which is conducted in both Shimla and Manali attracts a great number of crowds. The carnival is full of delicious cuisines, cultural programs, and winter sports activities such as skiing.

Why Visit During The Winter?

Winter is considered as the other peak time to visit Shimla and Manali. During this time the entire place is covered with a white sheet or carpet of snow. The famous spots to visit during this season are, Gulaba, Marhi, Rohtang Pass, Kufri Hills, Kullu, etc. The season is also prominent for enjoying activities such as tubing and skiing. During the season, you can witness famous ski slopes in Manali and Shimla. This season also offers you great offers on room bookings.

Peak Tourist Season In Shimla

The time from October to February is considered as the peak time for tourists to travel to Shimla and Manali. This season is opted to witness the beautiful snow- capped mountains. Foe snowfall lovers, this is the best season. Along with it, many other activities such as skiing and ice skating are available only during this time.

But apart from this, many tourists consider that the time from March to June is also the peak season. This is because during this time the valley is full of greenery. And the time also offers major activities such as paragliding, trekking, biking, hiking, etc.


Hence, the peak season can be defined depending upon the events and activities that you want to witness. The peak season for Shimla and Manali according to the weather can be classified into two parts. The one is in the summer and the other is in winter. Monsoon season is not the quite preferred time to visit Shimla and Manali because of the muddy streets and challenges in all the activities.

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