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Golden Triangle India tour

What Is The Cost Of India’s Golden Triangle Tour

Examine the culture of the Mughals and Rajputs in the Golden triangle tourism circuit. The Golden Triangle India tour begins in Delhi, which has a cultural history, heritage, and ancient buildings that tell a lot regarding history, and then Agra, which has an affluent historical context, and one of the world wonders, the Taj Mahal. Last but not least, pay a visit to Jaipur, where you can fully appreciate the rich past of Royal Kings.

The golden triangle India tour often begins in New Delhi. It is the nation’s capital, and it is easily accessible by car, air, and rail. Because of the ease of communication, a tourist can easily reach this location, and it is possible to land at the International Airport

Is the Golden Triangle Tour of India Costly?

The golden triangle tour cost largely depends on the Golden Triangle India tour package you select. Additionally, it relies on which tour operator you consider for your trip. Moreover, it would depend on the type of accommodation you choose and the number of days you are willing to take the trip.

The exact answer to the question “Is the golden triangle tour of India costly?” can be a personal opinion. For someone, the tour can be costly, or it may not.

However, whenever you opt for the golden triangle India tour package, be assured that the entire cost of the travel would payback. In short, your experience on tour would be more than simply impressive.

The Jaipur Delhi Agra tour cost will involve sightseeing, accommodation, food, travel, and transportation. You can have a 3-day or 6-day package to complete the entire Golden triangle tourism circuit.

Below, we will break down the average cost of each component of the golden triangle India tour.

Transportation Cost

Usually, the transportation cost relies upon the place you are coming from and reaching Delhi. If you are boarding an International flight to Delhi, your flight for each trip can cost you somewhere Rs50,000 /head and can go up to Rs 70,000/head. Likewise, you can include your return flight.

If you are an Indian visitor, you can choose any transportation method to reach Delhi. Airways could start from Rs4000/head and go up to Rs7000/head. Similarly, railways could cost you around anywhere between Rs1000/head to Rs4000/head, depending on the type of coach you prefer.

Bus or Roadways pricing depends on the distance of Delhi from the starting point. Consider it around Rs. 1000/head to Rs. 3000/head. However, please remember that these ticket prices would or wouldn’t be include

in your Golden triangle India tour package. Moreover, it depends upon your tour operator. So, discuss with your operator before booking your golden triangle India tour package.

Again, the transportation cost among the three cities would cost around Rs5,000/head to Rs10,000/head depending on the type of vehicle and includes fuel and driver charges.

Food Cost

Again, this also depends upon personal preference. Usually, breakfast is complimentary, and there are chances your dinner may include in the accommodation cost. To discuss this with your operator.

Usually, you would experience a range of food dishes at the most affordable pricing in your Jaipur Delhi Agra tour cost. Most of the street food starts at around Rs 30. So, you can consider that the food cost per day and head could be Rs 300 – Rs 700. It may go up to Rs1000 if you are willing to have some good food at the top places of the cities.

Be assured that each rupee you spend on your food is worth it. You will be experiencing the top delicacies during the golden triangle India tour.

Accommodation Cost

So, the accommodation cost can rely on the type of hotel you choose – 3/4/5 star.

Usually, the 3-star hotel accommodation can start around Rs1500/night- Rs2000/night. Additionally, the 4-star hotel can cost around Rs 2200/night to Rs3000/night. The price for any 5-star hotel can start around Rs6000/night and go

up to Rs14,000.

It is best to choose a hotel with a central location, closely connected with all the necessary amenities and facilities, and good ratings, reviews, and services. You can connect with a tour operator who can get you the best accommodation in your Golden triangle India tour package.

Sightseeing Cost

Some sightseeing places have free entry. The Akshardham Temple has free entry. Similarly, India Gate, Raj Ghat, and Lotus Temple offer free admission. 

For Qutub Minar, the entry fee for foreign nationals is Rs550 and for Indian visitors is Rs35. Similarly, to enter Red Fort, Indian tourists pay Rs35, and foreign tourists pay Rs500. Likewise, the entry fee for Rashtrapati Bhavan is Rs 50, payable online.

Also, to Visit the Taj Mahal, for Indian tourists, the entry fee is Rs 45 + Rs 200 for entry to the main mausoleum. Additionally, the Entry Fee for SAARC and BIMSTEC is Rs 535 + Rs 200 for the main mausoleum. Also, the entry fee is Rs 1050 + Rs 200 additional to visit the mausoleum for foreigners.

Similarly, to enter Agra Fort, the prices are as follows:

Indian: INR 35


Foreigner: INR 550

Children Below Age 15: Free

Likewise, the Entry Fee is ? 50 for Indians; ? 200 for foreigners. Similarly, to visit

the Amber Fort, the fees for:

Foreigners – INR 550 per person Foreign Students – INR 100 per person Indians – INR 50 per person

Indian Students – INR 10 per person

So, you can expect that for an Indian Tourist, the sightseeing cost be could around Rs1500/person to Rs2000/person for an Indian national. It may be around Rs4000/person for an international tourist to Rs6000/person.


The Golden Triangle Tour India encompasses the top tourist destinations in North India. It includes going to World Heritage sites, some of the most magnificent places on the planet, full of colors, views, and culture. The golden triangle tour plan will take you through three of India’s most amazing places and will end up leaving you seeking more.

Additionally, if you wish to explore the wildlife of India, then you can customize your package to visit the Ranthambore National Park to witness Royal Tigers. Or else, you can choose the Goa Package, to experience the beach life.

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