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23 May, 2022
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Best Mattress For Camping

Which Is The Best Mattress For Camping: Folding Or Air Mattress?

Camping is fancy but you may end up paying for it with back pains. Actually, it is not comfortable to sleep in the cold and on hard ground. Fortunately, folding mattress and air mattresses provide a portable solution that will save you the pain of sleeping in the cold.

One thing is for sure, getting the best camping mattress could be like finding a needle in a haystack. So many models are available and the sad thing is that not all of them are good. If you struggle with back pain, be sure to find the best mattress for back pain during your trips.

If you want a good camping mattress, then it must be lightweight, comfortable, and healthy to sleep on and easy to pack and set up.

Let’s face it head on: between a folding mattress and an air mattress, which is the best option for camping? This article will help you make the right choices for your camping needs.

So keep on reading and check out what we recommend!

  • Air mattress

Air mattresses are common to tent campers for the simple reason that they collapse to a small size and inflate easily to help you sleep comfortably. Air mattress features a soft, velour style top that is comfortable.

Another good thing about an air mattress is that the air inside to where you need it most while sleeping keeps you comfortable. It is worth noting that the support offered by these mattresses is awesome and it will keep your spine and back well aligned.

Nevertheless, when it comes to portability, it is hard to beat this mattress. The fact that it uses air makes it very easy to transport since you can take it to the campsite uninflated. Because of this, an air mattress is easier to store than a folding mattress.

On the downside, an air mattress is not durable and can easily let you down if your campsite is on rough ground. Although some air mattresses come with a portable pump, most of them are hard to inflate with your mouth alone.

Do not forget air is a poor conductor of heat so an air mattress can overheat and sweat disrupts your sleep.

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  • Folding mattresses

A folding mattress is considered one of the best options for camping. This mattress has many benefits over the air mattress. Unlike air mattresses, a folding mattress takes out the most uncomfortable aspect of sleeping on the ground.

Best Mattress For Camping 1

These mattresses are elevated and I consider this beneficial as it keeps you cooler than you otherwise would be when sleeping on the ground. This elevation also keeps you away from dangerous ground insects.

In addition, folding mattresses are made using strong fabrics and are well padded to provide enough give to make it comfortable even without a sleeping pad. Because of this, it is considered the best option than an air mattress.

Besides, these beds are built with a durable frame that provides strength and prevents you from falling down. Another good thing about them is that the frame is relatively light in weight.

When it comes to carrying, this mattress is super easy. It comes with latches that keep it together and the carrying handle makes packing and unpacking blissful.

The Most Necessary Things in A CAMPING MATTRESS?

  • Cost – Quality setting up camp sleeping pads can be costly, however assuming you invest a ton of energy outside, going with one that is agreeable, tough, and simple to utilize merits paying a smidgen more as we would like to think.
  • Solace – The times of awakening all creaky and throbbing are finished! Setting up camp sleeping cushions are turning out to be increasingly more like the beddings we use at home. Our cherished comfortable beddings won’t frustrate those searching for a rich and extravagant front nation sleep.
  • Usability – Part of what makes a setting up camp sleeping pad positive or negative is that it is so natural to ship, expand, empty, and get together. In the event that a bedding is comfortable to rest on, however a serious annoyance to utilize, it will truly detract from the experience. Our beloved cushions and sleeping pads have quality siphons included and valves that let air in and out productively. The most ideal choices are likewise simple to gather into their packs for capacity.
  • Toughness – Camping beddings are made to be really strong, yet some are burlier than others. It’s generally smart to have a maintenance pack with Tenacious Tape or self-glue fixes for good measure, and you ought to go with one of our most solid sleeping pad picks on the off chance that you will quite often be harsh on gear.
  • WEIGHT and PACKABILITY – Keeping weight and mass to a base isn’t for the most part as significant for vehicle setting up camp for all intents and purposes for exploring. Be that as it may, lighter, more minimal sleeping cushions are simpler to convey and occupy less room where you store your stuff.
  • COUPLES – You can utilize two separate beddings one next to the other for greater adaptability assuming you do a blend of setting up camp performance and with an accomplice, yet many couples and families like to rest on 2-man sleeping pads. Twofold sleeping pads don’t have a space in the center, so you can undoubtedly share bedding and snuggle up without floating separately.

Assuming you’re searching for a very agreeable, comfortable setting up camp sleeping cushion that is sturdy and simple to utilize, you can’t beat the Exped MegaMat 10. It’s a liberal four inches thick, so you won’t feel pressure, focus or base out assuming you thrash around over the course of the evening. This sleeping pad self swells more than halfway, and the little foot siphon makes following through with the task simple. Whenever it’s an ideal opportunity to head home, the one-way emptying valve and top-stacking stuff sack together the MegaMat without a wrestling occasion. We incline toward the Long-X Wide form since it permits us to truly loosen up, yet the Regular and Duo sizes are likewise astounding. Assuming you’re prepared to get the best open air rest of your life and wake up feeling inconceivably invigorated, you’ll adore the Exped Megamat.


To this end, you’re in a position to identify which one of these mattresses are best for your camping needs. For me, I prefer a folding mattress because it provides adequate support and I need to avoid back pains.

Besides, a folding mattress is durable, cooler and versatile meaning I can use it in many ways. However, if storage is a concern to you then an air mattress is the best choice. So what would you prefer?

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