4 Thrilling Adventures To Do In Uttarakhand

The unequaled beauty of the Himalayan range, as well as the serene ambiance of Uttarakhand, draw travelers from all across the globe. This location is known for its hiking trails coupled with picturesque village outlines.  This godly abode offers all visitors an unforgettable experience. No words can suffice to describe the virgin beauty of Uttarakhand, and it claims to be the topmost tourist destination in India. Uttarakhand Tourism Package is your ideal pathfinder to enter the threshold of this unprecedented panoramic extravaganza.

Here are the top four activities to undertake in Uttarakhand to enjoy a memorable vacation: 

Rafting Stint in Rishikesh

Rishikesh rafting is adjudged as the foremost Uttarakhand tourism place to explore with its unique thrills and adventures. It is unquestionably the best rafting spot in the whole country. The site has everything, from a magnificent natural landscape to superlative professional support.  Rishikesh boasts several skilled operators that follow strict safety protocols and offers customized camping and rafting packages that also include expansive excursions of the surroundings. The local operators will take care of your bare necessities like food, water, and marshaling of your rafting venture for a seamless experience.  

Hot Air Balloon Journey in Bhimtal

Apart from trekking, picnics with loved ones, window shopping, and attending local festivals, a hot air balloon ride in Bhimtal is one of the most justified outings in Uttarakhand during the summertime. Opt for a hot air balloon flight piercing the crystal clear morning sky of Bhimtal for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. One of the best family summer activities in Uttarakhand is taking your family members on this high-end exploit.

River Crossing in Jim Corbett National Park

It is a brand-new set of adventure activities in Jim Corbett, 78 kilometers away from Bhimtal. It's also one of the most breathtaking tourist places in this hilly topography. The river crossing adventure involves tying a rope from one point of the riverbank to the other across the river. This unique strategy necessitates the use of a robust harness. To cross the river, you need to stand on one of the parallel ropes and grab the other. The process is totally risk-free and is performed under the supervision of a trained professional.

Zero Point Trek in Hilly Curvature of Almora 

One of India's most sought-after treks is the voyage to Zero Point in Almora. A distinct tower has been erected at an elevation of 2400 meters to witness the magnificent and awe-inspiring natural and greenish spectacle of the Himalayan Ranges from the Zero Point destination. Because it is not accessible by road, the sole accessibility to Zero Point is to walk a few kilometers. One can marvel at the sight of the snow-decked high altitudes of Kedarnath and Nanda Devi from Zero Point. On the way to Zero Point, you'll come across a vast diversity of flora and fauna, making the location a haven for environmental and wildlife enthusiasts. Visitors step in round the year to see Uttarakhand's divine environment that exudes scenic beauty combined with a freshness of a newly wedded wife whose face is partially covered. To unveil this abundance of nature, you may visit the Uttarakhand Tourism’s official website and plan your vacation accordingly.

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