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26 May, 2022
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Who wouldn't love to show off their well-groomed nails? Today, people have given up on the one-of-a-kind nail polish style and have switched to nail art. Using their nails as a fabric, they like to paint it with whatever design

Using bar soap may leave your body feeling dry and stiff. But that’s not the case with body washes as most of them are infused with hydrating and moisturizing products that makes your skin feel soft and smooth for a

Face packs are a common method of taking care of your face skin in India, and DIY face masks are a common household remedy practiced by the most. But, the researchers have revealed that some of the kitchen ingredients used

Highlighters are magical makeup products, as they have the power to transform your look completely. Furthermore, highlighters are used to uplift the higher points of the face, to create a three dimensional look for perfect pictures. This magical makeup product

Summer can be a difficult season for the human body, especially the skin, because of the scorching heat and humidity. The summer time may be unpleasant for the skin, due to sunburns, dehydration, skin rashes, boils, chafing, and a host

Yoga for hair growth? Yes, you heard that right. We are unaware of various yoga asanas for hair growth. Yoga is an age-old fitness form of the rich cultural heritage of India. It is a way of life and apart