Well, if there is any community that started the whole face mask thingy in the beauty market, it's undoubtedly the Koreans! There's no one who does better face masks than a Korean face mask. Initially, Korean skincare seemed like an

With beauty brands like Kay Beauty, Rare Beauty and Fenty Beauty, many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities have ventured into the business line by starting their own makeup and beauty line. Most of us know beauty influencers and YouTubers for doing

Have you ever looked at the mirror and wondered how to make your body shape better? If so, you are not alone. Many people are very self-conscious about their body shape. This includes the butts. It consists of three main

Kumkumadi Thailam or kumkumadi oil is a very popular ayurvedic formulation that is really useful for skincare. In many places, kumkumadi oil is utilized for giving your skin a perfect fair look, treating acne, reducing the appearance of dark circles,  fading

For females, their hair is really important, as it is one of their beauty essentials. However, out of the many trouble’s women go through, hair constitutes to be one of the major ones. Few things are more alarming to many

Acne or Pimples is caused by minor clogging of the pores when our natural skin oil gets trapped in the open pores and starts to accumulate dirt and dead skin cells. Based on the intensity and the size of the