Men’s Styling Tips - Know the 9 Common Style Mistakes to Avoid

Being stylish does not mean following trends. It is more than that. Being stylish means you need to focus on how you can represent your look in a better way. The way should be the one that can make you more confident, reflect your personality, and improve your overall well-being. It applies to both - males and females. In comparison with women, men’s fashion has fewer possibilities. However, we have come up with some men’s styling tips. By following the below mentioned common style mistakes to avoid, you (men) can enhance your overall appearance/look:

1. A Tie with Short Sleeve Shirts 

As a stylish man, you should keep the differences between a tie and short sleeve shirts. A tie is a part of a formal dress/outfit while a pair of short sleeve shirts is the part of a casual dressing. Mixing it for a casual or formal event can break your overall well-being and appearance. Further, it can lower your confidence level. So, it is better for you, stylish men, to stop having a tie on short sleeve shirts. 

2. Mismatch of Belt and Shoe Colors 

You should avoid this common styling mistake. Keeping the purpose and color in mind can help you a lot in this regard. Remember that your belt color goes well with the color of your shoes. For example, you are putting on a pair of black shoes. You must have a black colored belt to look stylish. Keep in mind you can wear a belt of any color if your shoes are white. 

3. Not Ironed Clothes/Outfits

Having unironed pants and shirts on is not good for stylish men like you as it will break your look and appearance at a formal or casual event. You must iron your outfits or dresses if they are made of wrinkle-resistant fabrics. Washing such clothes before ironing is essential for a clean professional appearance. 

4. Wrong Undershirt with Dress Shirt

In a hurry, or with intention to expose, men put on the wrong undershirt before having their dress shirt on. You should avoid doing this, as your visual line or overall appearance has an interruption from your visible undershirt. To avoid such visibility, you can put on both undershirt and dress shirt of the same color or prefer a gray undershirt. Further, you should stop buying white undershirts. 

5. Stained Cloth Wearing 

Whether you are at home or attending a casual or professional event, stained clothes are not good for you. They make it visible to others that you are not taking proper care of your outfits. Further, they break your well-being and appearance. You must do a proper cleaning of your outfits and remove stains from them before you iron and wear them for any occasion.

6. Deep V-Neck Shirts or Sweaters 

Keep in mind that you are men, but not women/females. Your fashion or styling choices must be unique and you do not need to expose your chest, especially when you have hair there. Having deep v-neck shirts or sweaters or both can leave a massive gap between your chest that can break your appearance by producing an untidy look. You should avoid wearing them without having a plain shirt inside.  

7. Sports Shoes Outside the Gym, Playground, or at a Professional Meeting

Sports shoes or athletics shoes are meant for sports, games, physical fitness routine, or casual events. You have invested your hard-earned money in purchasing them. However, you should never put them on for a formal event or business meeting. Stop doing it now if you are used to it. 

8. Backpack with the Suit 

Have you put a suit on for a formal event or business meeting? If yes, keep in mind nothing should come in the way of your suit for a stylish look. Prefer to carry a messenger bag instead of a backpack if you have worn a tailored and ironed suit. You can take a leather bag to carry your laptop and hold its sleeves or handles while carrying it.

9. Strong Perfumes

Keep in mind each type of fragrances or perfumes has their own charm. However, most of them do not work when the sun shines brightly just above you when you take your steps out of your home, office, or business setup. Instead of using any perfume or fragrance, you should have a weather specific one. For example, go with a light and fresh fragrance/perfume in summer. Prefer to a muskier or darker scent for cold days. Choosing the right scent will help you maintain your style statement across a year.

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