The Equalizer 3 Review - Repetition of Crime, Killing, and Tea Siping

Released on the 1st September 2023 in cinemas/theaters, The Equalizer 3 is the 3rd sequel of The Equalizer released in 2014. This movie is the return of more violence, carnage, and killing. Robert McCall makes a team and continues to serve justice on the streets. Watching it may make you think of him as a modern Robinhood.       

The Equalizer 3 Cast

 Antoine Fuqua has directed this sequel and Richard Wenk, Richard Lindheim, and Michale Sloan have written the script of The Equalizer 3. Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, and Eugenio Mastrandrea are in the leading roles. Some other cast members are David Denham, Remo Girone, Gaia Scoderellaro, Zaikara Hamza, Andrea Scarduzio, and Daniele Perrone.          

The Equalizer 3 Screen Time

You have to be in your seat in a nearby multiplex for 1 hour and 49 minutes to enjoy this action and crime thriller.

The Equalizer 3 Story

Robert McCall (Denzel Washington), a retired government assassin, struggles a lot to go back to his previous friendly nature due to his doing horrific things in the past. He feels his best and comfort when he serves justice on the oppressed behalf. Suddenly he finds himself at a home in Italy and makes new friends or a team of people who were working for local crime bosses. On the turning of the event, McCall is aware of what he should do and takes on the mafia to protect his friends.         
Different Ratings for this movie, The Equalizer 3
IMDB Rating = 7 out of 10
The Independent = 3 out of 5
The Guardian = 2 out of 5
New York Times = 3 out of 5
User Rating = 3 out of 5
ATT rating = 3 out of 5     

The Equalizer 3 Review

It was 2014, we had an introduction to the most dangerous guy in the world while watching The Equalizer. The guy was a trained killer and convinced us that he could be a good life coach. Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) is a retired intelligence officer who can politely make you have a swap of fast food for salads and Russian mobsters, the butcher, on your back. And in 2018, we saw Pedro Pascal in The Equalizer 2. Now through The Equalizer 3, McCall has come back and stabs pistols in the eyeballs of mafia men.

This action and crime franchise, The Equalizer 3, has a close association with the Edward Woodward-fronted TV series that aired in the 1980s. It has made McCall a typical avenging angel who does dirty work for the sake of humanity. The Equalizer 3 at its best is a good film that clearly counterbalances Antoine Fuqua’s blood, baroque, and gut action with McCall’s ability to fetch attention while sitting well.

In the movie, Denzel Washington, McCall, is in a coastal Italian town and instantly moves to the local barista, Gaia Scodellaro. The place, which is ideal for ordering tea, a reserved drink for Englishmen and old ladies, gets filled with mafia men under the leadership of Vincent Quaaranta, Andrea Scarduzio. He tries to make locals out of their homes so that he could turn the place into a holiday resort. McCall comes in his way to protect locals and breaks skulls and arms of mafia me. Here, you can experience the 3s - eat, pray, and murder.  

In The Equalizer 3, McCall seems to be an aged person. However, it is natural to avoid self-indulgence even after introducing a new junior agent, Dakota Fanning, in his team. While watching the movie, you can experience that McCall has become soft-hearted and an early slip in judgment. He has a cane in his hand and advice to go slow on stairs. Such films have portrayed a protagonist who murders and starts thinking about the moral defense of those murders. Richard Wenk’s script for this movie is only for business as usual for him and others alike. You will amuse yourself by coming across the use of nonsensical conservative lingo such as jihad drugs and the scene in which a beautiful police officer’s wife has no trousers on.

The one thing that Antoine Fuqua has done well in this action thriller is the presence of his Roman Catholic fever-dream wandering in Italy. The Virgin Mary’s depiction is through blood splatters on a stained glass. We have an introduction with our hero having a shower in a single beam of light. It seems that he has divine warm blessings. However, watching Washington and his team in a full movie-star mode is a welcome prospect.

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