Love All Movie Review - A Good Sports Drama To Watch

Love All, a sports drama, is a good movie to watch if you need inspiration to do better in sports or any other career sector. It portrays a story of a father and a son who are called out due to unfair practices in sports associations. Watching the movie will remind you that good sports infrastructure and facilities are your right but not a favor that most influenced people do.          

Love All Movie Cast

Sudhanshu Sharma has written the script and directed the movie, Love All. Kay Kay Menon as Siddharth is in the leading role while other cast members have played their parts in this sports drama. Swastika Mukherjee, Shriswara, Atul Srivastava, Raja Bundela, Ark Jain, Sumit Arora, and Pravina Bhagwat Deshpande have made their presence in the movie. Sourabh Vaibhav has composed the music. Ankit Pandey wrote the lyrics for the sound track Baton Baton Mein while Jubin Nautiyal has given his vocals.            

Love All Movie Screen Time

This sports drama will run for 2 hours and 12 minutes on the screen in a multiplex close to you.

Love All Movie Story

Siddharth (Kay Kay Menon), a small city boy, faces negligence at a Railways quarter where he lives with his mother after his father's death. He finds it hard to live his life with moderate means that come through a few perks from the Railways and dreams to be a badminton champion. City people with love for sports see him as a future badminton champion. An injury during badminton practices and inability to pay hefty amounts to pay injury treatment bills makes his dream go into the shatter. Siddharth, as a sportsman, faces sports politics and moves out to the city to live an ordinary life by taking up a menial job. He eliminates his passion for the sports, badminton, he had and decides not to let anyone from his family participate in any sports. He develops a belief that making his son away from sports is the only way to assure respect and dignity for him. However, some life circumstances make him come back to the city where he did not want to return and have interests in sports. And he has to make some altering choices and have a redemption opportunity.               
Different Ratings for this movie, Love All
IMDB Rating = 5 out of 10
NDTV = 2.5 out of 5
Times of India = 3.5 out of 5
Filmi Beat = 3 out of 5
Gadget 360 = 5 out of 5
User Rating = 3 out of 5
ATT rating = 3 out of 5     

Love All Review

This sports drama does not portray a story of a coach who comes back and starts offering training to a team to win a trophy/title. Instead, Sudhanshu Sharma, writer and director of the movie, has portrayed a story of shattered dreams and tried to convey how an individual can rise and affect all around him. The introduction of Sharma’s family makes us have emotions through the scenes like begging. Kay Kay Menon as Siddhart Sharma is a serious and unsmiling man and wants his son, Aaditya (Ark Jain), to stay away from sports. And for this, he keeps Aditya locked and does not let him go to a playground. He does all due to his past in which he wanted to be a badminton champion but become khalasi, manual worker, with a small gig.

But the time changes. Aditya takes a badminton racquet at his school where he gets the requisite support from his mother, Jaya played by Shirswara Dudey, and his father’s childhood friend, Viju (Sumit Arora). The rest of the story revolves around the father and son how they prepare themselves for the next.

In the first look, Love All seems like a simple story. But it portrays a deep emotional tale. It includes all the usual happenings of a sport such as challenges, training, rivalry a player faces. However, it is a balanced depiction of the real vein of having a look further after getting over one’s past. Sudhanshu Sharma’s command over the screenplay, story writing, and direction make us sure to have our engagement with the movie till the end. However, the scene in which Aaditya faces disqualification could be better. The movie has some poignant dialogues like Zindgi ke rang toh ab sirf kapdon mein reh gaye hain. Further, Saurabh-Vaibhav’s compositions are truly melodious and can make you sing delicately like Baton baton mein and Geeli si subah. After watching the movie, you will come out with a better feeling and a value for your money.

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