AP Dhillon First Of A Kind Review - An Inspiring Story for A New Talent

AP Dhillon first of a kind documentary synopsis  releasing on Amazon Prime, this documentary series is an ideal watch for one who is struggling a lot to succeed in one’s industry. It depicts the real story of AP Dhillon who is a famous pop singer now.   

AP Dhillon First Of A Kind Documentary Cast

Jay Ahmed has directed this documentary series on the life of AP Dhillon while AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill, and Shida Khalon have played their roles well. Some cast members will appear and disappear as you move to watching one episode to another of this documentary series. However, all other cast members are as follows:
• Kevin Buttar
• Herman Atwal
• Gminxr
• Bobby Friction
• Rahul Balyan
• Nirmika Singh
• Maurice Mocutz
• Nas
• Trevor      

AP Dhillon First Of A Kind Documentary Screen Time

AP Dhillon First Of A Kind is a documentary series with 4-8 episodes in each season. So, the screen time for each season will vary.  

AP Dhillon First Of A Kind Documentary Story

AP Dhillon First Of A Kind is a biopic documentary that elaborates the story of a Punjabi pop singer, Amritpla Singh Dhillon, from his early days to becoming successful in the music industry. In the entire series, he talks about his journey from a small village in Punjab (India) to Vancouver (Canada) and becoming a pop star and AP Dhillon from simple Amritpal Singh Dhillon. As per the first episode of this docu series, AP Dhillon is back in India after 6 years and aims to give a kickstart to his singing tour in India. He talks about how he worked hard and attained what he is today in the music industry. With his band, he had to write, compose, and sing his own songs from scratch. And luckily, one of their songs became highly popular. From there, he has not got back in terms of success.

The second episode of AP Dhillon First Of A Kind depicts the story of his team going back to Canada after having a successful musical tour in India. Further, the episode depicts his preparation for his concerts all across the United States of America. With minor interruptions, his US trip is very successful. In the next few episodes, he describes his plans and the music he creates. In this documentary series, Amritpal Singht Dhillon has a strong connection to ethics and love for his people.      

Different Ratings for the Documentary, AP Dhillon First Of A Kind
IMDB Rating = 6.1 out of 10
Times of India = 3.5 out of 5
India Today = 3 out of 5
Pink Villa = 3.5 out of 5
India TV = 3 out of 5
ATT rating = 3.5 out of 5     

AP Dhillon First Of A Kind Documentary Review

All the four episodes of AP Dhillon First Of A Kind have covered AP’s life well and mentioned all the important phases in his rise in the music industry. Watching this docu series will help you know AP Dhillon or Amritpal Singh Dhillon very closely and be aware of the facts you might know till now. This docu series has honestly and transparently depicted everything that occurred in AP Dhillon’s life. It is a must watch for you, especially if you are an aspiring talent for a field.

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