Brad Pitt Used To Physically Assault Angelina Jolie, Reveals Reports

According to a recently published media report, Angelina Jolie has been identified as the plaintiff in an anonymous lawsuit against Hollywood star Brad Pitt. In that lawsuit, Pitt was accused of physically assaulting her wife during a flight. The publication of the Puck report made Hollywood star Angelina Jolie emerge at the top of the headlines, as the name of the complainant was unknown to everyone since the filing of an anonymous lawsuit in 2016. As per the lawsuit, Jolie was assaulted by her ex-husband while travelling on a plane with him. The data of the Puck report is quoted in Variety, where it has been clearly mentioned that Jolie had called an FBI agent to file a complaint against Pitt, as the latter had physically and verbally assaulted her and her children during a flight journey.

Brad Was A Regular Abuser

The note by the FBI agent, as reported by the media reports, revealed that Pitt, during the flight hours, allegedly grabbed Jolie's shoulder and said, "You are fuc**ng up this family". The actress also alleged that a different incident happened on the same flight, leading her to sustain elbow injuries. Angelina complained that Brad Pitt poured beer on her dress which he had been drinking. Meanwhile, Pitt's legal team has denied all the allegations, but after some time of the said incident Angelina Brad Pitt divorce took place. Due to all those mishaps, Jolie firstly tried to file a complaint against the said incidents. However, the concerned agency refused to register her complaint. This led Angelina to file an anonymous Freedom of Information Act suit against the FBI agent, who denied filing her complaint.  https://twitter.com/marieclaireuk/status/1560238303668015108

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Story

Earlier, in 2016, Brad Pitt was investigated for child abuse by the FBI as well as the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services. The investigation started after the said aeroplane incident occurred between the family members. In that incident, Jolie mentioned that Brad physically assaulted her son, Maddox, too, during the journey. However, Pitt's legal team denied all those allegations at that time as well.  As mentioned in Variety's report, Brad quit drinking after the incident happened on the aeroplane. 

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