6 Steps To Achieving The Pro-level DIY Pedicure At Home!

Whenever we hear the word 'pedicure', we constantly start making plans of hitting the salon, obviously, because we have been continuously fed with the idea that a tricky and complex beauty routine like pedicure can't be achieved at home. You might think that pedicure at home would mean just painting and filing my toenails. Well, it isn't like that! A DIY pedicure is literally going all out with the pedicure routine like a goddamn pro!

Here are 6 steps that you must do to achieve the best DIY pedicure at home:

Get all your pedicure supplies ready

Before going into the whole pedicure process, make sure to gather all your pedicure supplies. You can decide how fancy you wish to go with the pampering pedicure session at home; however, here are the supplies that you must get for even a basic pedicure. 
  • Nail polish remover
  • Skin-soothing bath salts
  • Foot file and pumice stone
  • Nail file and clippers
  • Foot cream
  • Nail Polish (base coat and top coat)

Step 1: Clean your nails

Time to have a good nail polish removing session. Take a cotton pad and soak it in nail polish remover to remove every last bit of colour from your nails. Before starting swiping, hold on to the cotton pad for a few seconds on each nail to get that perfectly lacquered finish at the end. If you have some weird stains (usually happens if you had a dark colour nail polish on) left on your nails, rub cuticle oil over the nails to lighten any residue. 

Step 2: Soak your feet and give them a little spa session

If you manage to sip a glass of wine during this stage, it'll literally make your pedicure session the best one! Take a basin and fill it up with warm water. Add a good amount of skin-soothing bath salt and drop your feet inside the tub. Let your feet soak the water for 10 minutes (meanwhile, you can have a glass of wine). 

Step 3: Scrub off any dead skin

Now, this is the most therapeutic part of the process. It might sound weird, but it's a low-key therapy to see how smooth your feet actually are after scrubbing everything off. After pat drying, take a foot file or pumice stone and remove all the dead skin. Make sure to not go too hard while scrubbing, or you may cause irritation. 

Step 4: Trim and shape your toenails

Now that you are done cleaning your feet, take nail clippers and start trimming and cutting your nails. While trimming your nails, don't focus too much on the edges. After all your toenails are at the perfect length, pick up a nail file and start shaping the edges. Don't try to rush in this step, as you need to keep filing until your nails are even. 

Step 5: Give yourself a pampering massage session

All that hard work was worth this step; it's time to make your clean feet happy by giving them a massage session. Take a generous amount of foot cream and massage your feet and toes for a few minutes. Bonus point if you have an electric foot massager. 

Step 6: Apply nail polish (base coat and top coat) 

Before applying the base coat, make sure to prep your toes properly. You can use a cotton pad to remove any excess oil residue. Take the base coat and start applying it; if you were thinking to skip this step, don't. Base coats act as a barrier between the natural oils from your nails and the actual polish. After the base coat has dried, apply a thin coat of nail polish, let it dry, and then apply the second coat of the nail polish. To let your pedicure stay in for a long time, you can also use a top coat to lock everything in. 

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