Maintain Your Curls With These Hair Care Tips!

Dear curly hair population, we all are aware of the struggle you face while managing your curls. Though well-managed curls get all the eye-balls and compliments while you flaunt them, the effort you put in managing them is remarkable. Curls could get really tough to manage, and managing the dry, coarse texture of your hair becomes the biggest challenge. Therefore, we will now discuss a few essential hair care steps that will help you maintain your curls at their best.  Let us now focus on the best hair care routine for curly hair that you should follow on an everyday basis: Pre-shampoo Pre-shampooing your hair is as important as other hair care steps. This step involves conditioning your hair before your finally wash them using your shampoo for curly hairs.  For pre-shampooing, divide your hair in small sections and apply conditioner from the middle length to the tip of the hair. Leave the condition to hydrate your hair for 15-20 minutes, and then follow with shampoo wash.  Remember, always use products that are designed especially for curly hairs.  Skip frequent shampooing Too much shampooing can make your dry hair drier, resulting in breakage and frizz. Therefore, avoid shampooing too often, but this doesn’t mean that you will keep using conditioner without shampoo. Cleansing is equally important as hydrating, so make sure you shampoo your hair once in every 3-4 days.  However, while you shampoo your hair, make sure you keep moving your fingers between the strands, as it will prevent tangling.  Avoid hot water on hair Hot water washes away the natural oil and nourishment that’s necessary for your hair, making them dry, brittle and frizzy. On the other hand, cold water cleans your scalp and hair properly, while maintaining the natural oil and nourishment intact. Cold water is essential for the overall well-being of your hair.  Do not comb dry hair With curly hair you’ll often wake up with dry and frizz, making you look shabby. Make sure you do not comb dry hair as it will lead to breakage. Besides, it will also spoil the bounce of the curls, making them look messy.  Take a break from hair styling tools The excessive heat can damage your hair, including your curls. So, it is advisable that you don’t use hair styling tools too often.  According to experts, you should use specialized hair care products to keep your curls in place. Also, make sure to oil your hair from time to time.

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