Things to Consider While Buying CBD Oil

People undergoing chronic medical conditions like pain and anxiety must have heard about CBD oil. With the legalization of this oil in many states, CBD is in high demand. Many people are unsure about what CBD to use and how it can help them and is it legal?  If you are also looking for a CBD product and want to know more about it, below is the comprehensive guide to buying CBD oil.

What is CBD?

CBD is the short form of Cannabidiol and is one of the chemicals found in the cannabis/marijuana plant. Another chemical is THC and both of these have different effects on the human body. THC is more responsible for psychoactive properties, while CBD is totally non-psychoactive and has more therapeutic effects.  Some of the most important characteristics of CBD oil are:
  • Analgesic in nature
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-epileptic
  • Non-intoxicating
  • Anti-spasmodic

Step by Step Guide to Buy CBD Oil

Consider the following factors while shopping for a CBD product:
  • Consider The CBD Usage and its Form
The primary thing to consider is why you want to buy CBD? As there are many health benefits of using CBD, you must point out the area where you want to concentrate more. This product may help you in pain or can help relieve anxiety, or for multiple sclerosis, or even can treat for many forms of epilepsy, etc. it is good to consider the area of usage. Another criterion is to decide the form of CBD. For quick relief from pain, muscle cramps, or anxiety, inhaling CBD can be most effective for most patients. You can inhale it through an e-cigarette, or a vape pen, or as per your choice. Some people like to use it as oil drops under the tongue, as it can be very effective providing results within a few minutes of use. You can even use this as a lotion to run on the affected part of the skin or can use it as a food supplement. 
  • Consider The Amount of THC
To avoid the head-high effectiveness of a CBD product it is recommended to understand the amount of THC in the CBD product you are buying. Researchers believe that CBD works better when combined with a little amount of THC. A small amount of THC, as low as 0.3% is said to enhance CBD’s therapeutic effects. Find a CBD product made from hemp as they are known for lower CBD levels. They are widely available online and in retail stores.  Many dispensaries also sell CBD-rich products that are low in THC. These products include oils, tinctures, topicals, vaping liquids, and other forms. You can also find buds and flowers of marijuana bred to have a low level of THC.
  • What’s The Best Strength and Dosage Required While Using CBD?
All humans are different and no one size fits all. Consider starting with low levels of CBD and examine the consequences and then gradually increase to understand the amount required. Consider buying the brands that tell the amount of CBD in the entire bottle. Some brand also notifies the amount of CBD in mg in each drop. Take your intakes in drops. Start with four drops in the morning and four at night and carefully note the results. However, the dosage for CBD in oil form can be:
  • Start consuming 2.5 milligrams per kilogram of your body weight twice daily
  • After a week, you can consider increasing the dose to 5.0 mg/kg twice daily
  • Consider Buying Unflavoured CBD Oil
CBD is usually available suspended in either hemp, coconut, or olive oil, as they have neutral flavors. People like to use flavored CBD oil as they are easy to consume, but scientists recommend using unflavoured CBD oil.  Remember that hemp oil doesn’t have a bitter taste and can be consumed easily. The taste you will get is a taste of hemp oil that is quite neutral.
  • Consider Buying Vaping CBD Products with Less Propylene Glycol
Vape products contain a solvent called propylene glycol. This chemical when burned at high temperatures degrades into formaldehyde that can irritate the nose and eyes of the patients. It also carries the risk of causing asthma and cancer for the frequent users of CBD oil. Consider CBD vape pens that are claimed as solvent-free to help avoid any unnecessary health hazards. 
  • Demand Test Results
You should also consider demanding a certificate of analysis (COA) while buying a CBD product. This is an important guide to buy CBD as It will help you understand the product performance and also for the presence of various containments.  Apart from hemp-derived CBD products, the ones made from marijuana are supposed for testing according to CBD oil laws, particularly in the states, permitting medical and recreational use of marijuana.
  • FDA Regulations of CBD
In terms of federal law, the legal use of CBD oil mainly depends on the source and the area of usage. Both industrial hemp and marijuana are derivatives of the cannabis family and are treated differently under federal law. For example, CBD containing less than 0.3 % THC by weight is industrial hemp while cannabis containing more than 0.3% THC weight is considered marijuana.  CBD oil derived from industrial hemp is completely legal while deriving from marijuana, it is considered federally illegal. However, different state laws may differ as per their own FDA regulations of CBD.
  • Consider Consulting Your Healthcare Provider
Before consuming a CBD product, always check for its effects with your doctor. The CBD may interact with some medications you are already consuming, so it is good to consult your healthcare provider before buying a CBD product.

Ready to Buy CBD?

Considering the above factors, you can very well choose a CBD product to help you benefit from many medical conditions. Research into CBD is still considered at a very primitive stage, and scientists are working on the various health benefits and risks of using CBD oil on human bodies.

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