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3 Best Ideas for Small Scale Businesses in Kerala

Micro-scale (or small-scale) industries are those whose manufacturing, production, and provision of services are done at a small scale. It usually is a one-time investment in various sectors like machinery and equipment.

What products are made in small-scale industries?

Some of the products that are made and services that are provided include bakeries, water bottles, beauty parlors, stationeries, footwear, small toys, bags, studio shops, etc. These small-scale industries entail most of the production of goods and services. The benefits of small-scale industries cascade to all sectors of the economy thereby strengthening it. Visit Khatabook to learn more about the effects of small-scale industries on the Indian economy.

Top 3 Small Scale Business Ideas in Kerala

Kerala is best known as “God’s own country”. They are also known for their natural resources and climate. To know more about the different business ideas in Kerala that can be initiated, the information below will give an insight into it.

Production of Banana Chips

Banana chips are one of the most popular snacks in Kerala. It is made out of banana and deep-fried after mixing it with a batter. Banana chips are the first thing that’s served if one goes to visit a relative’s house and due to that and several other factors the business will grow exponentially if it is started in the industry.

It takes time to build trust. Trust needs to be built by providing them with good quality assured chips in a lesser amount. It builds over time but eventually, the results will be fruitful and the business, without a doubt, will be successful.

Tour Guide

Kerala is open to a lot of foreigners and being a tour guide will really pay off. People from all over the world come to visit this place because of the culture, climate, and traditions. A lot of money can be made without making any significant investment.

Building trust among people and having the ability to communicate helps in being profitable. Having an all-round knowledge about all the tourist attractions is necessary. Asking for feedback from the customers is important..

Production of Pickles

Pickle is yet another necessary thing for every Keralite. Lunch cannot be complete without having pickles. A high cost of investment isn’t required for such a business. This business is mainly desirable for stay-at mothers. Pickle is a crucial element in Kerala cuisine. It is served in every festival such as Onam, Vishu, and many more.

A variety of flavors are there as well, such as ginger pickle, mango pickle, lemon pickle, fish pickle. The amount of time to see any financial growth in this industry depends on one’s ability to sell their product and to be able to communicate. Hiring employees will help as it will help increase production which in turn increases capital.


Kerala is home to a variety of things. Businesses can be started easily but what takes time is to build trust and relations. Selling good quality products and then also convincing people to buy them will eventually help the business to become profitable.

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