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03 Jun, 2023
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Virtual Career Fair

How to Plan a Virtual Career Fair?

With people looking for new opportunities and better job offers, several companies have adopted the virtual stage to host successful virtual career fairs to hire top talent from across the globe. Several employers and universities have accepted the online event platform to get new employees on board.

With such a huge competition around us, you need to do your research before selecting your virtual job fair platform. This online career fair is an opportunity for employers and candidates to make the most of the platform features and connect with the right people.

If you are looking to plan a virtual career fair for the first time, let us help you with some vital steps and practices;

Begin with Effective Planning

Hosting a virtual career fair or any other online event involves a primary step of strategic planning and identifying the goals. You need to understand the reason for hosting the career fair. Once you are clear with your business and event objectives, it would be easier to make plans accordingly. 

Besides this, you need to understand the budget you have or wish to spend for your event. It will help you outline better and fruitful planning. And, this planning will help you decide the best virtual career fair platform and venue features you would like to include.

Choosing the date and time for your job fairs is a crucial step. A significant portion of attendance depends on this. Hence, make sure that your event does not fall on a weekend, National holiday, or around the time when some other virtual show is already happening.

Choose the Right Virtual Event Platform

A virtual event platform holds a vital role in boosting the level of your job fairs or career fairs. An ideal enterprise solution offers unique features and tools to help you stand out in a virtual trade fair. Basic features of an online platform include; 

  1. Customization abilities
  2. Easy navigation
  3. Immersive branding
  4. Engagement features
  5. Networking opportunities
  6. Social media integration
  7. Live-streaming
  8. Secure chat options
  9. Detailed reporting
  10. 24/7 customer support
  11. 100% secure and trustworthy

These essential features help make the virtual event solution a replica of on-site events. With attendees spending most of their time on the platform itself, keep their viewpoint a priority, and design a virtual environment accordingly. It is a great way to help improve the stay time of the audience on the platform.

Create a Marketing Plan

The biggest challenge for an online career fair, exhibition, job fairs, or trade show is drawing more participants to attend. Some brands and companies are highly famous and renowned, but how do they get more applications for their online job fairs?

The code to this is the topmost marketing and promotional strategy that can attract more attendees. 

  1. You can create an impressive landing page with the date, time, and registration link of the online event. Try to include the name of some notable brands and speakers to arouse excitement among the potential attendees.
  2. Email marketing is an apt tool to send vital emails to your expected audience and make them feel valued. Sending periodic emails with a catchy subject line is an effective strategy to lure more participation.
  3. You can also write SEO-optimized guest blogs or posts to spread awareness regarding your virtual event.
  4. Make the most of different social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to post appropriate pictures, videos, boomerang with the event-specific hashtags. Consider doing this at least 2-3 weeks before the event. It will generate a sense of suspense and thrill among your followers and fan base.

Facilitate 2-way Communication and Promote Engagement

Real-time interaction is a must for virtual job fairs. It helps the job recruiters and candidates connect and have meaningful communications.

You can leverage the live chat feature, so the attendees can have seamless 2-way interactions. Besides this, you can choose to include AI-based recommendations, virtual networking tables, or B2B meetings scheduler to help attendees and exhibitors find relevant matches that suit their requirements. 

While talking about engagement, you can add networking lounges, breakout rooms, or games to make the event even more likable and appealing. 

Set-up Customized Booths

The best aspect about virtual booths is that they can be completely customized based on the interests of the exhibitors. Event planners can get creative in terms of virtual stage design and branding to deliver immersive event experiences. Customized branding is an excellent way to create an impactful impression on the attendees.

Virtual booths are media for exhibitors to showcase their brand, content, and offering to the interested candidates. You can also keep downloadable PDFs, videos, slides, and documents at the virtual booths. Attendees can click and download them to know more about the exhibitor and their organization. It is a great way to deliver unique brand experiences. You can also use customized branding and templates to make your booths more attractive and impressive. 

Take a Follow-Up

Event organizers should never miss out on this point. Obtaining the valuable feedback of the attendees helps you know if the event was able to meet their expectations. You can send simple survey forms to the registered emails of the attendees to know their inputs. Besides this, you can also keep a feedback option on the platform with simple questions like “Which feature did they enjoy the most, “Which virtual booth did they find super excellent?”, or simply ask them to submit their brief feedback.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Gaining insights into the overall online fair is an excellent way to gauge the success of the event. These are specialties that are provided by the best virtual career platforms to help increase the event’s ROI. Comprehensive insights include a holistic record of attendee navigation, most visited virtual booths, the number of times people used the live chat feature, questions asked to the exhibitors via live chat and more.

Final Word

It takes a lot of effort to organize a successful virtual job fair with a large attendance and boosted ROI. But, with excellent virtual event technologies, you can choose to simplify the process and include powerful and efficient features to elevate the level of your career fairs.

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