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How to webinar useful for business?- Features, Types, & Benefits

Given today's circumstances, webinars have evolved as an effective tool for organizations to establish communication with the audience. However, not many are aware of the meaning and benefits that a webinar offers. If you're also confused with what all comes with a webinar, stick till the end. Here in this blog, we have discussed the meaning, benefits, and features of webinars. 

What is a webinar?

Sometimes also referred to as web seminars or webcasts, webinars are online events organized by organizations for a selected group of people over the internet. In simple language, webinars are virtual seminars, i.e conducted over the internet. It can either be a live webinar or pre-recorded and, since the medium is the internet, anybody from any part of the world can be a part of it. One can understand webinars as online seminars where the speakers share information with a larger audience. 

What are the features of webinars?

1. Attendees join in virtually Is it even an event without any attendees? Webinars have online attendees who can join in without having to worry about geographical barriers. Like any other virtual event, webinars don't have a fixed number of attendees. Some webinar platforms come with a fixed number of attendees; it is advisable to opt for those which can easily accommodate a higher number of attendees. You would never want to turn down further attendees just because the platform you chose can't accommodate any more attendees.  2. Webinars allow interaction-  Webinars are an excellent opportunity for people to interact. It can happen in many ways, depending on the features provided by the webinar platform. Various webinar hosting services provide various engaging features like gamification features, live polling, Q&A sessions, survey; These features make a webinar engaging and allow the attendees to interact with each other. Some webinar softwares like Dreamcast provide networking features like B2B meeting scheduler, AI Matchmaking, and others that enable the attendees to connect. Look for webinar software that provides you with such features and ensures the attendees have a positive experience.   3. Webinars are informative-  There is a speaker delivering information on a particular subject; this is what a webinar is. Webinars revolve around a specific topic where experts gather and have a healthy discussion around it. The session is either pre-recorded or live. However,  experts suggest conducting a live webinar, as a live webinar has a high audience engagement rate over a pre-recorded one. Audiences from anywhere in the world can join a webinar, given they have the appropriate equipment and stable internet connectivity. 4. Webinars include visualization tools-  Almost all kinds of webinars include various elements that make them visually appealing and engaging. These elements include slides, pictures, graphics, videos, graphs, and many other components. These visualization tools help the speaker deliver the information efficiently. It also helps the audience retain the particulars for an extended period as 'A picture is worth a thousand words.' These elements also keep the audience focused throughout the event.  5. Webinars utilize webinar platforms-  Webinars are conducted using webinar platforms. These platforms include all the features we discussed above. A webinar software lets people from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and an appropriate device join the event. These webinar softwares provide you with various engaging and networking features that will keep your audience hooked to the event till the end. Since people attend events to gain knowledge or expand their network, ensure they don't leave disappointed. 

What are the main types of webinars?

Based on purpose, webinars are classified into the following types- 1. Educational Webinars-  As the name suggests, educational webinars educate the audience regarding a subject. You can invite experts and have a discourse on your webinar. Include well-prepared slides and graphics too. It will make sure your audience has a better understanding of the subject.  2. Product Webinars-  Organisations conduct product webinars to introduce a product to the audience. Include slides and other elements to give a detailed presentation to the audience about the product and reciprocate to their every doubt. The objective of a product webinar is to convert leads into customers. Such webinars help you with getting feedback on your product.  3. User onboarding webinars-  You can organize user onboarding webinars by inviting applications at a regular time interval. Such webinars come in handy if your company deals in software. Increase the efficacy of the webinar by including the screen sharing option.  4. Employee Training and Team Meeting Webinars-  Along with generating leads, you can use webinars to train your employees and conduct team meetings. Webinars have become a go-to option in recent times when almost all organizations are operating remotely. Webinars are an effective way to teach practical skills to your employees and train them on a particular subject.  5. Lead Generation Webinars-  When you promote your webinar on different channels, let say, Facebook and Instagram, it allows you to build trust and interact with the audience at a fast pace. 6. Customer retention webinars-  While webinars allow you to get new customers aboard, they also allow you to retain those you already have with you. You can use these webinars to keep them updated with your new products and announcements. These webinars also allow your customers to ask questions and solve their queries. 

What are the benefits of webinars?

1. Expand Brand Authority-  Webinars allow organizations to set an authority by sharing reliable and valuable information with the audience. The audience will start looking up to your brand if they feel your webinars are informative and address their queries. It means your brand will be their go-to option if they are looking for a piece of information.  2. Expand audience reach- Webinars allow the brands to enlarge their audience reach as anyone can access webinars through suitable equipment and internet connection. Webinar software enables brands to promote their products and services to the global audience, beyond geographical boundaries and audience.  3. Webinars allow one-on-one interaction-  Another form of online event, webinars are considered one of the most efficient tools for digital media marketing. They come with high flexibility and allow the attendees to join in at their convenience. Webinars are highly engaging and allow the attendees to put across their questions during the proceeding. 4. Webinars generate leads-  All the businesses are in a continuous stream of generating more sales leads. They allow you to connect with a larger audience at once. If someone is attending your event, it means they are interested in your brand in one way or the other. Webinar platforms allow you to get the contact information of all the attendees that you can use to build leads and generate sales.  5. Webinars help you understand your target audience better-  For businesses to generate more sales and perform better, it is necessary to know the expectations and interests of the target group. Webinars not only allow the organizations to connect with a larger audience but also let them have an understanding of their interests and expectations. The organizations can adjust their strategies as per the needs of the audience. 6. Platform to build long-lasting relations-  In the pre-pandemic era, offline networking events were the only opportunities for organizations to make connections. These events never provided enough time to introduce themselves in the market. Now that online events are the new normal, organizations get ample opportunities and time to introduce themselves and their products to their target groups. Webinars provide an efficient platform for companies to build an everlasting relationship with their customers.   7. Webinars are cost-effective-  Another significant feature of webinars is they are affordable. All you need for hosting an efficient webinar is an internet connection, a suitable device, and a webinar hosting service. Webinars allow organizations to save money and drive the profit rates up. Hosting a webinar means an organization doesn't need to waste money on logistics, travel, and other expenses that come with a physical event. They are beneficial for the attendees also as one can attend a webinar from any part of the world. It means one doesn't need to burn a hole in the pocket if they wish to attend a webinar. 

Final Word

Webinars are an effective way for businesses to expand their reach and connect with a large audience from all parts of the world. If planned and executed efficiently, one can enjoy all the advantages that a webinar offers. Among all the streaming services in UAE, Dreamcast has earned the trust of people over the years. Its gripping features set it apart from the rest of the platforms and make it the best.  If you plan to host your webinar and wish to make the most out of it, get in touch with Dreamcast today!

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