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Make Money Online by Selling Voiceovers

With advent of internet, it is now more than easy to make money online. Just by freelancing, people are making millions of dollars by providing their services online.  It is estimated that gig economy will contribute more than $455 billions USD by 2023. Initially, you needed to have some refined skill like digital marketing, web development etc. to earn money. But now, by selling computer generated text to audio voiceovers.  It seems odd if you think there are financial possibilities in voiceover industry but reality is entirely different. Every video, every jingle on radio or TV or any movie needs voiceover to narrate story or brand proposition. Without voiceovers, a great story is very difficult to make. Even in the popular advertisements of brands like CRED ends with ‘Download CRED’ voiceover. It is expected that the total voiceover industry is more than $5 billions and in New York alone, one single audio commercial contract base fare is $988. That is almost a thousand dollars for one single gig!  There are two main ways through which you can make and sell voice overs. 

Make Voiceovers Online

Technology has become very advanced when it comes to generating voices from text. A decade back, the voices generated from popular text to speech platforms were very robotic and couldn’t be used for any purpose.  Now, with technology like artificial intelligence, you can make voiceover which are very realistic in any language and in any accent.  If you are looking to make content in hindi language, you can go to websites like speechmax, indiantts, and voicemaker.  There you can make free voiceovers. In Speechmax, you can also make complex voiceover in Hinglish. This is very beneficial for Indian content creators.  If you are looking to make voiceovers in English and other languages, then websites like lovo and readerspeak are very beneficial. They can be used to make English voiceover in many accents which are used world wide by companies.  You can easily make voiceovers for audio books, games, documentaries, advertisements and make good amount of money in a matter of hours without speaking a word yourself. That is so amazing!

Make Voiceover at Home

If you have a good voice then you can also sell voiceovers by becoming a voice actor at the comfort of your home. For this, you will need to buy some sound recording equipment but they are not very expensive and you will be able to cover the cost easily within two to three gigs.   If you have a set up then you can do a variety of works like mimicry, dubbing, voice acting and many more. You can also use popular and free sound editing software like Audacity to manipulate your voice into anything you like. 

Where to Sell Voiceovers

There are many platforms where you can sell your voice over services. From gig providers like fiver and Upwork to popular Facebook and LinkedIn groups, there is no shortage of clients if you provide quality work and on time.  You can also set up your own website and your own brand with time in providing voice overs. Selling voiceovers is not a very competitive industry and if you get first mover advantage, sky is the limit for you to earn and develop in this industry.

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