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Mega Millions Lottery - How It Works, Its History, Steps To Be A Winner, And Everything You Should Know

Have you heard the news about someone winning the Mega Millions Lottery on Tuesday night? The winning amount is around 1.35 billion US dollars and the winner will take around 302.6 million US dollars as a grand prize to his/her home. Talking about winning numbers for the draw held on Tuesday night (1 August 2023), they were 8, 24, 30, 45, and 61 with a golden ball number 12 This lottery or jackpot game had no winner in the last 25 draws. Not yet, have a little patience and go through this news article to know everything about the MM jackpot

Mega Millions Lottery - What Is It?

Previously known as The Big Game in 1996, Mega Millions is an American lottery game. Started in 1996, this mm jackpot had the first drawing on 6 September in the same year. In this drawing, the participants were from the six American states. Now, the citizens living in the 45 states of the USA participate in this lottery game and the drawing is held around 11 pm (EDT) on Tuesday and Friday nights. 

In this game, participants have to select five numbers between 1 and 70 and a Mega Ball number between 1 and 25. The distribution of prizes is held for matching several different combinations of drawn numbers and the award of Mega Millions Jackpot is for the one who has all the six matching numbers. There is a gradual increase in the Mega Millions lottery prize amount that initially starts at 40 US Dollars. This increase continues until a player has all the six matching numbers.  

A Brief History of Mega Millions

As a beloved to many Americans, the Mega Millions Lottery has been an exciting game for more than two decades. Launched in 1996 as The Big Game, it had six participating states - Illinois, Massachusetts, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, and Michigan. The first drawing was held on the 6th of September 1996, and players had to select six numbers from a combination of two pool numbers. Five numbers were from a pool of 50 numbers and a number, the Mega Ball number, from a pool of 25 numbers.  

It was the year 2002, six years after inception, when this lottery got its present name - Mega Millions. There was an increase in its number of participating states and a change in its format. It included a larger pool of numbers. The players, now, have to choose five numbers from 1 to 75 and a Mega Ball number from 1 to 15. This format is going on without any change.             

For years, the Mega Millions jackpot has been really shocking in terms of its ticket price and winning amount. Three winning ticket holders of March 2012 had a share of a jackpot of 656 million US Dollars that was the largest jackpot in world history at that time. This record came to an end in October 2018 when a lucky ticket holder residing in South Carolina claimed winning a jackpot of 1.537 billion US Dollars. After that, an increase and decline in the jackpot amount is a part and partial of this game.

Mega Millions Lottery - How It Works/How to Play It

To be a participant of this jackpot, you have to buy a respective ticket from a retailer in one of 45 participating states. The ticket can cost you $2. After that, you have to go with a quick pick or select your own numbers. There will be a random generation of numbers for you. As per the current game format, you have to pick five numbers from a pool of 1 to 75 and a Mega Ball number that will be one from 1 to 15. Your selection of the Mega Ball number is highly responsible for your chances of winning the jackpot. So, you need to be very careful in the selection of your numbers.  

The drawing of the MM jackpot occurs two times a week, usually at 11:00 pm (EDT) on Tuesday and Friday nights. In the drawing, there is a random drawing of a gold Mega ball with five white balls. You are a winner if your numbers are similar to the drawn numbers. The prize amount for the Mega Millions lottery ranges from 2 US dollars for being similar to the Mega Ball number to the MM jackpot prize for matching the Mega Ball along with all the five numbers. It starts at 40 million American dollars and increases with every drawing and continues till the announcement of a winner. The odds of winning the MM jackpot prize are 1 in 302 575 350.    

As a MM jackpot winner, you have two options for prize claim - cash and annuity. The first option allows you to claim the total prize in a lump sum while the 2nd option allows you to get prize amount in yearly payments for 29 years. It is a simple game, which offers a chance to become extremely rich and change your life. Therefore, to play this game, get a ticket, be careful in choosing your numbers, and wait for a while to know your luck. No one of you knows who will be the next winner.  

Earlier Formats of MM Jackpot

The format of the Mega Millions lottery has changed a lot with time. Here is an overview of the previous game formats:


Record Jackpots 

Some Fun Facts About Mega Millions

  • It is one of the most popular and favorite games of Americans. 

  • The jackpot starts with 40 US dollars and reaches more than 1 billion American dollars. 

  • The biggest jackpot was $1.537 billion dollars in October 2018. The winner from South Carolina had a single ticket. 

  • Its participants lie in the 45 American states, except for ones in Alabama, Hawaii, Alaska, Utah, and Nevada. 

  • Mega Millions players have to choose five numbers from a pool of 1 to 75 and a gold number (the Mega Ball number) from a pool of 1 to 15. 

  • The odds to win this jackpot is 1 in 302 575 350 that are lower in comparison with the odds of winning the power ball, which is 1 in 292 201 338. 

  • Drawings of the Mega Millions lottery occur at 11 pm (EDT) on Tuesday and Friday nights each month. 

  • The game playing process is similar to the Power Ball. 

  • There are two options to get the jackpot prize amount - annuity and cash. 

  • The operation of the Mega Millions game is in the hands of the Mega Millions Consortium that is a group of lotteries.  

FAQs on Mega Millions 

  1. What is Mega Millions?

With MEGA fun and Mega jackpots, Mega Millions is a lottery game that allows the residents of 45 American states to participate in. Its total jurisdiction is 47 at present. The participants have to choose six numbers from two different pools of numbers after buying a ticket from a respective retailer. 

  1. What is the ideal place to get results for Mega Millions?

You can log onto the official website to know the results of drawings held on every Tuesday and Friday night. 

  1. Should there be a similarity in the order in the numbers on my ticket and the drawn numbers?

No, it is not necessary. However, to be a winner, your numbers should match the numbers drawn.   

  1. What is the story behind the creation/launch of Mega Millions?

Every one of us wants to be lucky and rich enough. Being rich is not an easy game. It requires steadiness and constant effort along with a continuous increase in savings. However, our desire to become rich overnight paved the way to the launch of this lottery game.     

  1. When and where are the drawings held?

The drawings of the Mega Millions jackpot take place at 11:pm on Tuesday and Friday nights at Atlanta in Georgia. 

  1. How much did I win?

It is hard to predict a winning amount. You can win any amount starting from $2. For increasing your chance to win the MM jackpot, you need to keep the process in mind and be very careful in number selection from two pools.   

  1. Where can I play Mega Millions?

To participate in the Mega Millions lottery, you need to be a resident of one of 47 jurisdictions of the USA. You can’t play this game if you live in Alabama, Alaska, Nevada, Utah, and Hawaii. 

  1. Can I redeem my ticket in another state if I purchase it from the one?

No, you need to redeem it in the state you purchased it from. 

  1. How long do I have to wait for the collection of a Mega Millions prize?

Based on your jurisdiction, your Mega Millions prize collection can be anything between 90 days and one year. You need to check the state of your lottery ticket purchase. 

  1. Can a group of people share a Mega Millions prize?

Yes, a group of people winning the Mega Million prize can share the amount among them. 

  1. Are prizes taxable?

Yes, the prize amount is a matter of income taxes. 

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