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26 Jun, 2022
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Pride Month 2022: These Brand Campaigns Are Definitely Breaking The ‘Gender Norms’

Although there have been progress in LGBTQ + communities around the world, there is still a void in rights. To make all the colors of love more natural, the conversation must go beyond the obvious problems this Pride Month. In June 2022, a wide range of brands launched advertising campaigns and activities for celebrating Pride Month 2022 with engaging stories of inclusion and diversity.

Let’s look at the Brand Campaigns who are making a ‘Difference’ 


Fabletics, a popular sportswear brand, has teamed up with GLAAD – a group dedicated to combating media discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community – to create a 12-piece capsule collection with non-sexual styles.


The brand has teamed up with The Trevor Project to create a ‘Feel Heard’ campaign, which highlights activist and author Alok, model Chloe Vero, yoga instructor, and singer Isa’ah, science teacher, and model Sarina Moralez, and ancient collectors Robert and Orren.


Some other ‘LGBTQ+ – Friendly brands are:


Kay Beauty By Katrina

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Brands like Pantene, H&M, and Netflix have also joined. Let’s take a look at some of the Pride Month 2022 activities and marketing campaigns seen in support of the LGBTQ + community.

You probably know that the rainbow flag – designed by artist Gilbert Baker in 1978 – is used as a symbol of LGBTQ pride, but did you know that each color in the flag has its meaning? 

In the well-known six-color flag, red symbolizes life while orange symbolizes healing. Yellow means sunlight,  green refers to natural. While blue symbolizes harmony, purple stands for spirit. 

From time to time, there has been a lot of variations in the flag. In 2021, the flag was changed to 10 colours to align with the Black Lives Matter protests, which included black to represent diversity, brown to represent, turquoise blue to represent magic/art and  hot pink to represent sex.

June is celebrated as the Pride Month to celebrate the work of LGBTQ activists who are constantly breaking all gender stereotypes in the world

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