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Solar Battery Systems Vs Generators – Which Should You Invest In?

So, what is the best investment today for your home’s energy needs? Is it solar battery systems or conventional generators? For both domestic and commercial buildings, the need for energy is quintessential. Where both the solar energy systems and generators produce power, they do it in different ways. As the world heads towards clean green energy, this debate is hotter than ever. Solar Storage System, when installed right, can make homes and commercial building get rid of non-renewable energy. Generators are of course the trusty source of power for millions around the world. Different buildings will need power and electricity in different amounts. Some will need partial dependency for backup power in case of supply cuts. Others will need full power generation. There are pros and cons of both these systems. We will discuss them in detail below to make the decision easier for you:

Size of Solar Battery Systems Vs Generators

Not every business, office or commercial site gets a lot of storage space. As most people would know, generators can be quite hefty. Bigger generators can require quite a bit of space for their components. If you are installing batteries with them as well, the overall space requirement can be quite large. On the other hand, solar panels are quite less space requiring. These are usually thin plates that are fitted on rooftops where the space is mostly wasted anyway. All the space you will need for storage will be for their battery systems. Also, their inverters go with the batteries as well. In terms of space, solar battery systems come on top. In fact, nicely arrange rooftop solar plates will make your roofing neat as well. They require cleaning much less frequently than regular roof tiles. Also, solar panels are easier to clean on roofs or wherever they might be installed as well.

Noise of Solar Battery Systems Vs Generators

Then, there is the noise concern when it comes to power generation. As we all know, generators are quite notorious when it comes to noise. Typically, generators have such high-volume noises that they have had to be installed at distances. Commercial large generators are in a league of their own. However, solar power systems are completely noiseless. The only tiny bit of noise you get maybe from the battery and invertor system. That too isn’t more than a typical laptop or PC noise in intensity. There is never a noise concern with solar storage systems at all. On the noise side of things, solar systems always win. These are noiseless and can provide peaceful working hours or night sleep. This is why, solar systems also offer better storage for batteries and inverters. Most of them are installed indoors, something you cannot do with conventional generators.

Environmental Concerns

The biggest factor that ends most solar vs conventional generators debates is the environmental impact. Solar battery systems and power generation relies on power from the sun. Efficient solar plates and panels harness energy from the sun. This energy is converted into electrical power. Conventional generators rely on fossil fuels. Patrol or diesel operated generators or some on natural gas use natural resources. These can make carbon footprints for homes and commercial buildings quite staggeringly high. Generators are now being phased out for this reason alone. Sun power is clean, green and very sustainable. Homes and offices that use 100% solar power, have no carbon footprint from power generation. The world is moving towards clean energy. So should everyone who has not already adapted this technology.

Cost of Operation Concerns

When it comes to financial side of things, solar battery systems and panels installations also win in the long term. Their initial costs may look slightly high. But, when you don’t have any electricity bills to pay, these get paid back quite quickly. This is so for both domestic and commercial solar installations. Generators on the other hand, need their operating costs. You will always need the fuel to operate them. Engine oil will also need replacing often. These operational costs will stay for their entire lifecycles. You just cannot get away from them at all.

Maintenance Costs for Solar Vs Generators

Solar panels usually don’t need much maintenance costs. Some of the best solar panels are designed to last for decades. If you get good batteries to go with them, you will not need to upgrade them any time soon as well. Also, solar power is very supportive of longer lasting batteries. However, generators have quite high maintenance costs. They also have a lot of moving parts that can wear out quickly. Batteries often wear out quicker in conventional generators due to fluctuations in current. Solar power systems have none of that. Just install them and say good bye to electricity costs.

Longevity of the Installed System

Lastly, the longevity of the installed solar battery systems vs generators. Solar power systems are designed to last long times. They can easily last for few decades. Solar panels have very long lifecycles of providing energy when you get them in higher quality. Conventional generators, because of having many moving parts, are more likely to wear out sooner. The whole system often needs replacement in few years. For longevity, solar systems always win. Shortly, we recommend solar systems over conventional generators for homes or commercial requirements.

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