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28 May, 2023
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Unicorn Company: Hard Work Or Smart Work?

Although it isn’t impossible, being a unicorn may be a considerable challenge. It takes an average of seven years for new firms to mature into unicorns despite just 0.00006 per cent of businesses becoming unicorns. It is a challenging task indeed!

Using this unicorn startups in India checklist, you can learn from the traits and tactics of other successful unicorns and improve your unicorn-ness. So let’s have a look at it:

Unicorn-Characteristics Of A Startup

As many as hundreds of new firms appear each year, yet the vast majority fail, and only a tiny number of them become unicorns. Let’s take a look at the qualities of these unicorns and see how you can learn from them to increase your startup’s chances of becoming a Unicorn company.

Disruptive Unicorns

It’s good for businesses to be disrupted to grow, particularly for those hoping to become unicorns. Innovation that significantly impacts how a market or industry furred to as disruption. With their basic and low-cost alternatives to higher-end items, disruptors often gain prominence by challenging the status quo. Affordability has made these companies more enticing to customers over time, and these firms may take over the market. 

If you want your startup’s name in the unicorn companies list, you need to go outside the box and develop innovative, unique ideas that may deviate you from the available companies. Experiment with various business models until you discover the one that works best for your firm. Stay flexible and adaptable so that you may change your strategy at any moment.

Unicorns Are Tech-Savvy

Businesses that want to grow take use of the latest technology and software. With the help of cloud computing, CRM systems, or business software, organisations can function more effectively with fewer resources.

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be used for various tasks, including process automation, user experience personalisation, and customer service enhancements. Furthermore, DoorDash and Kabbage are great examples of companies using AI to improve their services.

Rather than just relying on technology, as most unicorns do, you can also build your whole product or company around it. Important fact: Majority of unicorns (almost 90%) create and sell software.


Creating upcoming unicorns startups isn’t a one-size-fits-all process, but adopting the advice and methods of other successful unicorns will help you get there. You’ll be one step closer to unicorn standards if you design a simple, economical solution to meet your customers’ issues.

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