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Why is Shopify Good for Your eCommerce Website Development?

Numerous businesses rely on Shopify as the foundation for their online presence. One of the platform's significant advantages is that it enables small and large companies to scale their custom websites. Additionally, the platform allows companies to communicate with their audience via a variety of channels. This article will discuss why Shopify is one of the best platforms for developing eCommerce websites. AllThatTrending Global e-commerce is expected to rise to $4.89 trillion in 2021—almost a 400% increase in seven years.   A few years ago, only the largest corporations had an online presence. However, as eCommerce has grown in popularity, several businesses have chosen this channel to increase revenue. Smartphones and high-speed internet have increased the use of eCommerce websites.  

Reasons To Choose Shopify for your Website


Ease of Use

More than 1.7M merchants in the world sell using the Shopify platform. Shopify is simple to deploy, and you can go live quickly. It is a scalable solution that is capable of supporting a large number of devices. It has a straightforward interface, and even beginners can easily set up an online store in minutes. The editor is simple to use and runs quickly.   While designing the website, users can utilize the assisting prompts to optimize the website for their target audience. Additionally, it ranks higher than its competitors in terms of developer accessibility. Further, it includes a free trial version that enables developers to experiment before designing the website. You can also hire a reputable Shopify development company in USA to help you with your website.  

Increase Business Credibility

Shopify's main feature is marketing which contributes to the platform's popularity. You can choose from over 100 themes available and get them also customized according to your business needs with the help of Shopify experts. It's simple to set up and launch the store with Shopify. The admin interface is intuitive and user-friendly.   There are specific tools available to enhance the customer experience and add intelligence to the website. You can choose from paid and free apps to create the ideal online store. A built-in point-of-sale system enables you to market your products while on the move.

Boost Exquisite Workflows

Workflows of your website must be optimized to make navigation simple for visitors. This is critical for eCommerce web development services to consider when designing websites for their clients. For instance, Shopify enables developers to tailor the website's design to the target audience's demographics and brand guidelines.   Numerous themes are affordable and easily customizable to make them more appealing to visitors. They give visitors a better impression of the store and increase the likelihood of conversions and repeat purchases.

Assures Scalability

Securing the website's scalability is critical for all eCommerce businesses. There could be occasional spurts in visitor footfalls, and the website is resilient enough to allow the company to tap the additional revenue. Shopify enables your business to scale up in the future. There are systems to control latency and ensure there are no single failure points.

Increase Security

According to studies, visitors will readily abandon any website that lacks trust factors. It is becoming essential to safeguard your website's security. Shopify is a hosted solution that protects the integrity of customer data over time.   Additionally, Shopify enables you to customize the hosting process, providing businesses with unlimited bandwidth. Additionally, this platform incorporates some critical security features such as PCI compliance, anti-phishing protection, the requirement for Transport Layer Security (TLS), and the use of the two-step authentication methodology.

24/7 Customer Support

When selecting a CMS, it is critical to consider the available support options. Shopify's 24x7 customer support options are easily accessible to users via multiple channels, including Twitter, chat, email, and phone. Additionally, web administrators can quickly receive responses to their inquiries, ensuring the website's smooth operation.   Additionally, Shopify customer support assists businesses in avoiding system downtime. It benefits small businesses by functioning as an extension of their operations and requiring no additional resources. You can access the Shopify Help Centre's documentation. Additionally, web administrators can seek assistance from active communities and the advanced Shopify University guides.

Enhanced Application Integration

Businesses find it simple to integrate additional channels into their website platforms. It can assist them in expanding the features available to their customers, resulting in an improved customer experience. The platform makes integrations simple to manage; website administrators need only to identify the services they wish to integrate. Numerous applications are available for free and can be integrated into your website.   Developers can leverage the integration capabilities to streamline a variety of workflows, including accounting, shipping and inventory management, and integrating media channels. Apart from several marketing applications, there are also options for integrating email transponders. Additionally, the integrations can generate traffic, and there are several reporting apps for analyzing and optimizing the website's traffic.  

Cost for eCommerce Website Development using Shopify

  • Shopify Lite: US$9 per month. You can also add eCommerce to a Facebook page or the existing website.
  • Basic Shopify: US$29 per month. It is the cheapest plan to build your online store and provides all the essentials.
  • Shopify: US$79 per month. It is ideal for growing businesses and includes features such as gift card creation.
  • Advanced Shopify: US$299 per month. It is perfect for big companies and includes advanced reports and third-party calculated shipping rates.

Cost for Shopify eCommerce Web Development Services

Total cost of developing an eCommerce store for your business and implementing it will vary depending on the geographies and features included. An essential website may cost between US$ 500 and US$ 1,000 for basic templates and graphics. A reputable Shopify web development company will typically charge between US$ 5,000 and US$ 20,000 for a custom website. The large-scale projects could easily cost upwards of US$ 50,000 or even close to US$ 100,000 in total costs.


The eCommerce industry is expanding at a fast pace and is experiencing intense competition among established players. As a result, it becomes essential to design an optimized website to attract visitors and increase conversions. All sizes of businesses can use Shopify to create revenue-generating websites. You can contact the industry's leading eCommerce web development services provider. Shopify experts will be happy to help.

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