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Young Entrepreneurs Putting Native Pickles And Ingredients On The Map

Pickles are the best condiments to take your daily meals to the next level. They are a major part of most households in India, and families have special recipes handed down across generations so that everyone can enjoy them with affection and love.  While many people still regard their recipes as private and can just be enjoyed by close friends and family, many NE young entrepreneurs have caught the pickling fever. They are making their presence known through their recipes of innovative Northeast Indian pickles.  For instance, according to Nitu Viluo, the brains behind the online brand, The Rumbling Spoons, pickles have made him who he is today. Nitu was brought up in Nagaland in a family who loved cooking and eating. As he shared, cooking became a bit of a stress-buster for him over time. He enjoys cooking for loved ones and now runs one of India's most popular pickle brands. According to Nitu, no matter where people go, they always crave homemade food with ethnic ingredients. This is a major motivation for the young entrepreneur to provide ethnic ingredients and pickles to precisely this demographic.  He receives orders from all over India and abroad. This shows how much people appreciate the tangy pickles with their food. An engineer by profession, he started working in a software firm after moving to Bangalore in 2013. However, he always felt that his heart belonged somewhere else. He mentioned that he would always miss home food and get ingredients such as fresh bamboo shoots, king chilies, fermented fish, and axone every time he visited home. He could never find a meal in Bangalore that could give him a satisfactory feeling. So, he felt that there was a need for good quality northeastern food in the Southern part of India.  So, he started experimenting with different kinds of northeastern food on weekends. After some trial and error, he decided to quit his job as a software engineer and start his business which is now very successful. His star products are chicken pickle, fermented fish pickle, pork pickle, bamboo shoot pickle, king chili pickle, chicken gizzards pickle, and dalle pickle. The best thing about his products is that he does not use MSG or other preservatives in them making it one of the best pickle brands in India. So, it is super healthy.  He promotes himself on social media and says that it has helped him connect with many people. So, if you want to try some amazing pickles, check out “the_rumbling_spoons” on Instagram!

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