CBSE To Introduce Design Thinking Course: What is It all About?

Enhancing your creativity and the ability to think in a subjective way is essential in today’s world. With a constant change in the job market, there is a need to change the education system and the skills of the upcoming graduates in a way that they are well-suited for the new demands. With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, computers or robots are becoming more and more capable of taking up most of the tasks. In such a scenario, the current education system needs to be farsighted and include a design thinking course in the curriculum to help students think out of the box.  The Indian education system is often criticized for being archaic and not keeping up with the current demands. However, having the best design thinking education policy will help it expand its horizons immensely. However, before we move into more details, let us try to understand what design thinking really is and how it can help students.  Also read: What are the Current Challenges faced by the Indian Education System? 

What is a Design Thinking Course? 

Design thinking can be understood as a creative way of problem solving. In present times, with so much uncertainty, it is one of the most sought-after skills in the world of business. Be it the public or private sector, everyone is looking for employees who have the ability to think out-of-the-box and bring sustainable solutions to the table. Hence, a design thinking course is aimed at promoting these skills in students right from the beginning. Moreover, the plan of the Central Board of Secondary Education in India is to introduce this course to high school students. That way, they can get used to problem solving in a creative way from the beginning.  Design thinking courses in India can be extremely beneficial because of the changing economic scenario. Moreover, if students are skilled in it, they can try to put forward some of the biggest challenges faced by India such as climate change, pollution, poverty, and much more.  

Why do we need to include a Design Thinking Course in the curriculum? 

As mentioned above, design thinking promotes creativity in students. Therefore, having such courses included in the curriculum will train the students in finding innovative solutions for given problems. With the world surrounded by so many unpredictable problems, it is the need of the hour to have design thinking courses that can inspire students to have a broader vision. However, it also means that the traditional way of teaching and rote system would not work any more. Teachers would also need to be trained to impart these subjects in a creative and fashionable way.  To sum up, it is a great step by the Central Board of Secondary Education to have design thinking courses in their curriculum. It will definitely bring about a positive change in the education system and students will be able to broaden their ability to think creatively and in a subjective way.

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