What is the Role of an Automation Test Engineer?

Automation takes a look at Engineers who are programmers coming up with, programming, and deploying new testing software packages to change the testing method and reduce human work. It additionally helps businesses to pay less time for testing and longer building and managing their apps. As a result, we'll cite who is an automation test engineer, how to become an automation test engineer, skills required, and the roles & responsibilities of an automation test engineer.  If you’re someone from Hyderabad, then the Automation Testing Masters Program in Hyderabad can help explore more about this role. 

Who is an Automation Test Engineer?

Developers who work on the designing, programming, simulation, and testing of new or existing software are called Automation test Engineers. Automation testing, on the opposite hand, could be a software package testing approach that compares the output obtained to the output anticipated or expected. This methodology of testing software packages might become redundant, that is why programmers construct and generate programs that accomplish this activity mechanically and with very little human effort.

How to Become an Automation Test Engineer?

Learn the basics of testing totally - you should have a solid foundation of data within the subject of testing. Begin at the earliest— Begin developing your skills on the open-source tools that are free of cost. Install the programs on your laptop and take a look at them. You can use Gmail, Amazon, or Microsoft workplace as generic apps. This can aid within the management of selenium automation tester’s roles and responsibilities. Learn basic coding - If you wish to become an excellent test automation engineer you should have a basic understanding of code. You must be conversant in programming languages like C, Java, Python, SQL, Perl, HTML, CSS, and XML. The technical skills needed to become a wonderful automation testing engineer are as follows:
  • – test design, 
  • – performance testing, 
  • – test architecture, 
  • – configuration management, 
  • – troubleshooting, 
  • – communication between teams, 
  • – manual testing agility and interaction, 
  • – continuous delivery, agile, and DevOps.
Using Automation Test tools - the bulk of IT businesses are already using test automation solutions. The key reason for this is often the benefits they supply to businesses. As a result, you want to begin experimenting with the foremost fashionable test automation solutions on the market. You may have an improved understanding of their environment, architecture, and relevance for the application under test. Keep up with the most recent testing trends - keep aware of the most recent software package testing and test automation trends. It is not only about the tools but also about the techniques and practices that successfully craft the automation strategies. 

Skills Needed

There are 2 components to achieving the #1 talent for automation testers. The way a lot of programming experience is important depends on your operation and wherever you envision yourself within the business in an exceedingly few years. The subsequent skills required are: Framework Designing You need to have a thorough understanding of coding skills like C#, Python, Java, Perl, SQL, XML as well as HTML and CSS. Your proficiency depends on the programming language used in the project.  Writing Test Scripts To write the test scripts, you need to have basic knowledge about Selenium web drivers. If you are using UFT or QTP, then you should be good with programming skills.  Proficiency in Manual Testing If you want to excel in automation, then you should be well-versed with manual testing skills.  Analyze the automation tools Some automation tools are complex and it requires the tester to have expertise in technical knowledge about the tool you will use for the project.  Certified Courses Certified Automation Testing Masters Program in Hyderabad improves your knowledge and helps you follow a unique approach while testing an application. There are some certifications listed: 
  • Certified Associate in Software Testing
  • ISTQB – Foundation Level
  • ISTQB – Advanced Level – Test Manager
  • ISTQB – Advanced Level – Test Analyst
  • HP HP0-M102 for UFT version 12.0
  • Certified Software Test Engineer
  • Selenium 101
  • Selenium Advanced

Roles & Responsibilities of an Automation Test Engineer

You'll need a keen eye and experience with manual testing to become a knowledgeable automation tester and perform selenium jobs and responsibilities.
  • From current legal action documentation, select or establish test cases for automation.
  • Designing and Automating Tests Strategy Document
  • Creating and getting permission for an automatic test arrangement.
  • Configure selenium test environment for setup. 
  • Participation within the IDE with Selenium Environment Setup.
  • Design associated implementation of an automation framework supporting the project's structure.
  • Creating, enhancing, debugging, and running tests that require to be completed.
  • The design of a framework is machine-driven.
  • Implementing it by the project's structure
  • Developing, improving, debugging, and running test cases
  • Keeping track of the defect management method
  • Taking care of the changes and running regression tests
  • Developing precise answers to challenges involving object identification and error handling
  • Interacting with customers/clients to resolve considerations and keep them aware regarding matters


Automation engineer employs appropriate automation techniques to realize the testing organization's immediate and long-run goals with accuracy to perform this operation. Change the maximum amount of the testing work as possible with the tiniest assortment of objective codes/scripts within the shortest amount.

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