Binge-Watch Alert: 4 Latest Short Films On YouTube

As we are stuck under lockdown again, we have ample time in our hands. (major Deja vu vibes, right?) If you are looking for something to watch but haven't invested in a subscription yet, these short films on YouTube can be your best friends! Ready to add gems to your binge-watch list? Let's dive right into it!

Emte Narayanikku

Director: Varsha Vasudev

Cast: Aditi Ravi, Unni Mukundan

Amid the pandemic and lockdown situation, what everyone is missing the most are human connections. The film beautifully tells us that how we took the little joys of life for granted and teaches us to always express gratitude for what we have. Emte Narayanikku explores the relationship of Narayani (Aditi Ravi), who has been quarantined and a young man (Unni Mukundan), living in the adjacent apartment. Understanding the pure connection between two people who haven't see each other's face or touched each other is a journey that you won't regret taking! https://youtu.be/t5q49CSCCBw

Dark Skin

Director: Shivankar Arora

Cast: Ankita Mittal, Neelu Kohli

India is obsessed with the complexion of one's skin. Though the times are changing, we have a long way to go before shredding this belief that dark-skinned people are ugly. The film takes you on a journey and hits you with the reality that being dark-skinned might be construed as the highest misfortune that can befall a person. Dark Skin is the story of Ankita (Ankita Mittal), who has faced multiple rejections for marriage due to her skin tone and has a strained relationship with her mother (Neelu Kohli). If you want to know the intensity of India's obsession with skin complexion, dark skin is a must watch! https://youtu.be/6elzSKCRuGg


Director: Tisca Chopra

Cast: Tisca Chopra, Arjun Mathur, Chirashi Rawat

As said by playwright William Shakespeare, the world is a stage, and we are merely characters; where would you draw the line between yourself and your portrayal? When it comes to short films, Tisca Chopra really knows how to hit the right spot. Rubaru focuses on the life of a female actor, Radha Malhotra (Tisca Chopra), who is desperately trying to find herself in a world where everyone is constantly telling her that her time over. Will Radha able to ignite the flame or lose herself completely? Watch Rubaru to find out! https://youtu.be/1vgoAHEqJ8A


Director: Mukesh Sharma

Cast: Shivani Thakur, Mohan Sharma, Rajni Bajaj, Yatharth Ganda, Vikas Negi

The biggest challenge that every relationship faces is to avoid having an ego. All in the room would agree that ego has the capacity to kill your relationship but how many of us are able to avoid it? Kaash explores the story of a married couple who get divorced because of their ego issues. Despite missing each other and unable to reconcile because of their ego, this journey is a relatable one! https://youtu.be/GGvX3evZjHA

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