Chandigarh Civil Court Summoned Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu For Breaching A Legal Contract

There’s a huge change in this way movies used to be promoted. Today, movie actors themselves put equal amounts of blood and sweat in promoting their movies. In fact, many celebrities have accepted themselves as a part of the promotion teams, whose schedules seem more difficult than shooting the film. Recently, Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu has landed into a legal trouble because she refused to promote a Punjabi film that she shot before being crowned as Miss Universe 2021. Miss Universe has got all the limelight recently for breaching a contract signed with actor and producer Upasana Singh for Punjabi film ‘Bai Ji Kuttange’. Due to this, the producer has filed a civil suit against Harnaaz Sandhu in the Chandigarh district court for not honoring the contract she signed for her film. Upasana Singh broke down while addressing the media and conveying the issues that she is facing with her lead actress.  Expressing her grief to media, she said, “I gave Harnaaz a chance to be a part of a big film (in which I had invested all my savings), much before she was recognized as Miss Universe”. She further said, “I have protected Harnaaz like a child, and I cried the moment she was crowned as Miss Universe”. According to the producer, she has invested a huge amount in the making of the film, and it is not a small-budget movie that could be ignored. 

Case Filed Against Harnaaz Sandhu

The producer claims that Miss Diva 2021 has signed an agreement to be an active part of physical and virtual promotions of the film. But, after becoming Miss Universe last year she refused to come at the promotion events. As a result, Upasana Singh has now sought damages from Harnaaz Sandhu for the alleged breach of contract. The film is all set to release in theaters on August 19.  https://twitter.com/pinkvilla/status/1555456067768913920 As usual, netizens have started pouring in their views on the news, and people are asking the Miss Universe to have some shame. People are putting the actress down for refraining from promoting a Punjabi film. They are of the view that Harnaaz Sandhu is feeling ashamed to call a Punjabi film as her debut movie.

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