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04 Jun, 2023
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Jacqueline Fernandez ED Case

Extortion Case: Jacqueline Fernandez Evades ED Notice For The 4th Time

On Monday, Bollywood celebrity Jacqueline Fernandez skipped the Enforcement Directorate summon notice for the 4th time in connection to a Rs 200 crore money laundering case. The Jacqueline Fernandez ED Case has been trending due to Fernandez repeatedly skipping summon notice by the ED. The actor is reportedly a key witness in the multi-crore extortion racket, which was being helmed by conman Sukesh Chandrashekar and despite ED issuing summon notice to the female actor for appearing between 10 am to 11 am on 18th October 2021, Jacqueline failed to appear. 

The last statement of Jacqueline regarding the money laundering case was recorded on 30th August 2021. After that, the female actor was asked to appear before the Enforcement Directorate on 25th September, 15th October, 16th October and the recent one being 18th October. Reportedly, Jacqueline has cited professional commitments for not showing up before the ED. Meanwhile, repeated skips by the female actor is not going down too well with ED officials as there have been reports of ED officials moving the court against Jacqueline’s no show.

The Multi-Crore Scam By Sukesh Chandrashekar And Leena Marie Paul

Jacqueline Fernandez has been asked to summon before the ED regarding the conman Sukesh Chandrashekar and his wife Leena Marie Paul-led money laundering. Recently, Delhi police arrested both Sukesh and Leena on the charges of cheating many people, and later they handed over the custody to the ED. In the month of August, the ED officials also raided Sukesh’s premises, seizing a sea-facing bungalow located in Chennai, a dozen luxury cars and a sum of Rs 82.5 lakh in cash. 

Jacqueline Fernandez involvement in the case became crucial after she claimed that she was also cheated and fell prey to Sukesh Chandrashekar’s scam during the 5-hour long questioning by the ED officials that took place on 30th August in Delhi. During the interrogation, Jacqueline revealed that Sukesh also sent chocolates and flowers to the female actor and spoofed his real identity by using spoofing technology for communication. Reportedly, the female actor also said that she fell prey to Sukesh’s scam due to his partner and girlfriend, Leena. 

The ED officials, while releasing a statement, claimed that Sukesh didn’t stop conning people even after getting arrested and continued his scam from the jail. Speaking about the same, the ED officials said: “He (using a cellphone procured illegally in prison) with the help of technology, made spoofed calls to dupe people as the numbers displayed on the called party’s phone number belonged to senior government officers. While speaking (from prison) to these persons, he claimed to be a government officer offering to help people for a price,” “Chandrasekhar is the mastermind of this fraud. He has been part of the crime world since the age of 17,” the ED had said earlier. 

Apart from Jacqueline Fernandez, Bollywood celebrity Nora Fatehi was also summoned by the ED regarding the money laundering case. Upon receiving ED’s summon notice, Nora Fatehi visited the ED office on 14th October 2021 and was questioned for over 8 hours. However, after the interrogation process, the female actor’s team released a statement stating: “Nora Fatehi has been the victim around the case and being a witness, she is co-operating and helping the officers in the investigation. We would like to make it very clear that she has not been a part of any money laundering activity, she does not know or have any personal connection with the accused and has been called by the ED to strictly help with the investigation,”

According to sources, Jacqueline Fernandez’s team had requested the ED officials to postpone her interrogation process for the first week of the following month, i.e. November. However, the ED officials are quite keen on questioning Fernandez on an immediate basis. 

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