How Does The Future Of OTT Platforms Looks Like In India?

Since the coronavirus has hit the world, we've all changed to adapt to the new normal. Similarly, different industries across the globe also took measures to beat the gloom of this pandemic. Among the other sectors worldwide, Bollywood also faced the backlash, after which both the creativity and the audience moved to OTT platforms. In the last two years, some of the best movies have been released on the OTT platform, and a large number of audiences subscribed to different digital channels. As a result, the OTT industry saw a surge in subscriptions and in the number of hours people spent watching content on OTT. According to the size of OTT market in India, the number of minutes people spent watching OTT content inclined from 181 to 204 billion minutes in 2021.  So, are you also wondering about what OTT viewers loved? OTT got all the attention because of its ease of use, and with the pandemic hitting the world, people found more time to binge-watch their favorite content on television at their homes. OTT not only provided a great platform to the films, but televisions series produced worldwide also found their audiences on one single stage. In this line, Pushpa on OTT got a great response lately.  Allu Arjun's Pushpa made a magnificent entry in the box office, despite all the covid restrictions and bans capturing the world all over again. The film was found unstoppable, and its revenue kept multiplying week by week. This film from the Telugu Cinema caught all the attention, and people demanded Pushpa on OTT. As a result, this demand remained trending, and the producers decided to release the film on Amazon Prime in Hindi. According to reports, Pushpa has already earned around 400 % revenue. OTT platforms have made their entry to every household in India. According to reports prepared by  MICA's Center for Media and Entertainment Studies (CMES), India has approximately 350 million OTT subscribers today, which is believed to hit 500 million by 2023. The same report also focuses on Indian audience getting internet ready, and by 2023, around 85 percent Indian audience will be prepared to get entertained through content streamed on OTT platforms. So, if you too want to watch some of the best movies or web-series on OTT platforms, get your subscription today. The latest cut in the subscription prices has attracted more people to platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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