How SS Rajamouli’s Version Of Mahabharat Would Look Like?

SS Rajamouli is known for his classic work, and SS Rajamouli films have never put down their audience. SS Rajamouli was recently seen promoting his film RRR, where he also talked about one of his most ambitious projects Mahabharat. There are already a lot of plays and dramas directed on this mythological saga. However, there's no film made on this historical epic since 1965. SS Rajamouli said that he will write Mahabharat in his own way, and won't follow the regular Mahabharat story you'd have seen or read before.  SS Rajamouli was asked about the Mahabharat Cast in a recent media interaction. He replied and said that people have already mentioned their choices about who should play who in Mahabharat. Still, I have decided to introduce a change. He further said he would write the film characters in his unique way and that the flavor of different characters would remain the same. According to the leading director, the story would remain the same but the characters will be enhanced, and audience would also see inter-relationships shared between different characters differently.  When asked whether Jr NTR would also be a part of SS Rajamouli Mahabharat, he said that he would think about the characters in his own way and then decide on who would play who. Further, the director said that he would decide the characters only after he completes his version of Mahabharat.  SS Rajamouli was recently seen interacting with media regarding the promotion of his film RRR. He has already made a mark in the industry with the creative work he showed in the film Bahubali. Now, his vision to create Mahabharata by conceiving the story in his own way has already raised the audience’s expectation.  However, the idea of making Mahabharat with Aamir Khan playing the lead role has already raised the eyebrows of the Indian audience. The film producer has already sensed the controversies that would surround the film, and thus, it is shelved, as of now. Yes, Mahabharat is not yet a project in the pipeline of Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan and renowned Indian director SS Rajamouli. The film is postponed as of now, as the makers believe that the climate isn’t suitable for producing the film at this time. By climate, the makers are probably talking about the political scenario.   Stay tuned for the latest updates on the magnum opus Mahabharata project!

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