Hrithik Roshan to Travel in the Past with Jadoo in Krrish 4

We all have watched the journey of Rohit Mehra, how he met with Jadoo, got his powers and then lost them, how he sacrificed his life in order to save his son, and at the end, how he met his fate. From Koi Mil Gaya to Krrish 3, we all witnessed the beautiful and heartwarming journey of Rohit Mehra, but that was not the end. Fans became crazy when the makers of Krrish proclaimed about Krrish 4. However, due to the pandemic and deterioration of the health of the film’s director Rakesh Roshan, the project was stalled. Meanwhile, Hrithik Roshan shared a short animation of Krrish on his Instagram page on June 23, when the film Krrish completed 15 years. [embed]https://www.instagram.com/p/CQdpFCDHNl6/?utm_source=ig_embed&utm_campaign=embed_video_watch_again[/embed] Talking about Krrish 4’s plot, according to resources, we may see Hrithik Roshan going to the past along with Jadoo. Yes, we may see Jadoo again in Krrish 4. Even Hrithik Roshan gave some hints on Jadoo comeback through his Instagram posts, he on an entertainment portal, even said that “the world could do with some Jadoo now.” It’s a clear hint that we might see Jadoo again in the next sequel of Krrish. Rakesh Roshan and his team of writers have been working on Krrish 4’s script for a couple of years; most part of the story has already been written. The Krrish franchise is dear to Roshans, and they are keen to deliver their best. They know that the film’s visual effects are going to play a prominent role in making the film realistic yet larger than life. Hence, the duo has been in conversation with VFX experts from the West. The movie’s plot will be pretty similar to Marvel Studios’ Avengers End Game, where all superheroes go back in time to collect all the infinity stones. We may see a similar kind of stuff in Krrish 4. However, be ready for the surprise and take all the information provided in this article as a pinch of salt because anything can happen. Moreover, apart from Krrish 4, Hrithik’s upcoming films are Vikram Vedha, Fighter, and The Night Manager. He is also in talks of Ramayana.

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