Identify Your Own Formula Says MMA Fighter And Actor Vidyut Jammwal

One of the popular faces in Bollywood, Vidyut Jammwal, is a model turned actor who made his Bollywood debut with the 2011 film Force alongside John Abraham. The moment people watched Vidyut on screen, everyone went gaga over Vidyut Jammwal fitness. Well, all thanks to his Kalaripayattu and Mixed Martial Arts training. While giving an interview to an entertainment portal, actor Vidyut Jammwal opened up about what fitness means to him. Vidyut Jammwal, while pursuing a degree in dance, managed to maintain a body fat percentage of 8, which is comparable to the physical composition of professional boxers. However, Vidyut does believe that being physically fit is one part of holistic fitness and that you need to also focus on your mental health to call yourself entirely fit.  In fact, the actor believes that fitness is entirely a personal journey, and one can never copy the other person's fitness routine and expect it to work for them. Throwing light on the topic, Mr Jammwal said: "No one can use someone else's formula. If you do that, you will constantly be searching for happiness and not find it. You need to identify your own formula. If I tell people that I eat 12 eggs, and they begin to do so too, they won't become like me; they'll become a diseased version of something,"  https://www.instagram.com/p/CR0hPSvDQXm/ Since Vidyut is known to be the 'Jackie Chan Of Bollywood', you might be thinking that he spends most of his time in the gym and loves to workout. Well, that's the reason why people constantly search about Vidyut Jammwal gym or Vidyut Jammwal workout. On the contrary, Vidyut said: "People think I may be someone who wakes up without an alarm clock and goes to exercise. But that's not the case. I've been disciplined for a long time. Every morning that I wake up to exercise, I have the same feeling that I did when I was young — that I don't want to go. But I've told myself I would do so the night before, so I will keep that promise to myself," It is interesting to know that a fit person like Vidyut Jammwal also faces the same problems every morning that we do.  Apart from sharing his thoughts on what fitness means to him, Mr Jammwal also spoke about his opinions on how people's mindsets need to change about fitness; Vidyut said: "We call a woman thin, and assume that that is a compliment. Tell her she is glowing with happiness, and that's praise. But if you applaud being thin, every girl will want to be that. I've been a professional model and have seen thin girls be angry all the time because they don't get the food that they desire." https://www.instagram.com/p/CPkwL4JnWPY/ What Vidyut said is quite true, especially in the case of Bollywood, where female actors are expected to have a certain body type so as to stay 'relevant or to get 'lead roles' in the film. You might remember the time when Kareena Kapoor went down to size zero for her film Tashan, sparking the whole size zero trend. Reacting to the trend, female actor Kangana Ranaut once said: "Ho hum! Been there, done that." Well, Kangana believed that she already bought the size zero trend in Bollywood long before Kareena, when she debuted with Gangster.   On the size zero trend, fashion designer Anju Modi also said: "About size zero and its influence, young minds have to be corrected, as no one is telling anyone to become anorexic. If anyone is or wants to be size zero, we designers cannot start psychologically telling them to not do so. Looking at anyone's pictures, it's not correct to develop an inferiority complex,"  Well, Vidyut Jammwal rightly defines the term fitness as he says: "Our bodies constantly communicate with us. But we don't pay attention to it. Pregnant women have strange cravings. They are capable of noticing that they want to consume pickles and perhaps, some ice cream. That's how we need to start listening to our bodies too,"  https://www.instagram.com/p/CIvNSHPHAOp/

MMA fighter Vidyut Jammwal also shared some nutritional tips:

  • If you want to eat something, eat it else, you'll feel anxious, depressed and nervous.
  • Protein not only comes from meat. (Vidyut is strictly vegan)
  • Never leave your carbohydrates as they are food for the brain.
  • Never go off salt as, without salt, your body will have cramps all day long. 

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