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31 Mar, 2023
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Neha Kakkar, Falguni Pathak’s Controversy, a Cheap Publicity Stunt?

In the music and other departments of the entertainment industry, facing criticism from netizens have become quite common for any artist. However, if the criticism comes from people in the same industry, it brings with it many speculations and controversies. The same happened recently when Falguni Pathak, who is famous for singing Gujarati folk songs, re-shared netizens’ criticism of Neha Kakkar’s remake of the iconic song Maine Payal Hai Chhankai sung by Falguni Pathak. 

Last week, Neha Kakkar released her new song, O Sajna which is the remake of Falguni Pathak’s hit song Maine Payal Hai Chhankai. In no time, netizens criticized Neha for degrading iconic hits of legendary singers. 

Everything for Neha Kakkar was pretty much limited to netizens bashing her until Falguni Pathak openly criticized the remake of her iconic song. In an interview, she expressed her disappointment saying: “I got to know about the remixed version three-four days back. The first reaction was not good. I was like, mujhe bas ulti aani baaki thi, aisa ho gaya tha,” 

Falguni Pathak mentioned that she is not able to take any legal action against Neha Kakkar because she possesses no rights to the original version of the song. Well, her reaction on Neha Kakkar’s song allowed the latter to hit the headlines. 

The war of words between Falguni and Neha turned bigger when Neha Kakkar shared a post on her social media account. From the post, the singer made it clear that she doesn’t care about anyone’s opinions. Instead, people are jealous of her talent, and that’s why they create false propaganda against her. 

Neha wrote: “For those who’re s unhappy seeing me happy and successful, I feel sorry for them. Bechaare… Plz keep commenting. I won’t even delete them. Coz I know, and everybody knows what Neha Kakkar is!” 

Is The Bone of Contention Real or a Mere Publicity Stunt? 

Falguni Pathak’s displeasure with Neha Kakkar’s remake O Sajna and then Neha’s response to such criticism looked pretty real until Sony India recently released Idol Times’ new banner. In the banner, the judges of Indian Idol 13 – Neha Kakkar and Himesh Reshammiya, can be seen sharing the stage with Falguni Pathak herself. 

Even the title was specially published as Navaratri Ki Shuruaat Falguni Aur Neha Ke Saath! 

This post opened up a new debate among netizens as they looked at the post with suspicion and termed the recent controversy as a mere publicity tactic to publicize both figures and their songs. One user in this segment, as covered by The Hindustan Times, wrote: “Song ko famous karvane ke liye kya kya karte hai yeh log….pehle social media par lad ke attention grab karte hai phir ek sath TV par perform karte hai. Kya dikhava hai yaar (what all these people do to make the song a hit, first they fight on social media to grab attention and then they perform together on TV. What a show off).,” 

Well, if these were the tactics made by the singers to popularize their work and names, it did give them the limelight they needed!

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