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31 Mar, 2023
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Phone Bhoot Trailer

Phone Bhoot Trailer out: Katrina, Siddhant, Ishaan Trio Promises a Spooky Comical Ride

The trailer of the much-awaited horror comedy Phone Bhoot is out now. Featuring Katrina Kaif, Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ishaan Khattar in lead roles, the Phone Bhoot trailer is sure to give you chills but, at the same time, tickle your funny bones too. Well, horror comedy is a genre that Bollywood has been betting on since the incredible success of the film Stree. With the Phone Bhoot trailer, one can easily say that Indian cinema is very much capable of pulling it off in this genre, if not any other. 

Phone Bhoot, directed by Gurmeet Singh and produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar and co-produced by Kassim Jagmagia, is a funny take on the mysterious and creepy world of ghosts. While Ishaan Khattar and Siddhant Chaturvedi are the ghostbusters, Katrina Kaif is the ghost who is on a mission to free souls and stop Atmaram, the sinister character played by Jackie Shroff. 

Phone Bhoot Trailer breakdown

The trailer kicks off with real eerie vibes as Sheeba Chaddha stares into the camera in a way that would make someone’s blood run cold. Instantly, there’s a pun there which says, ‘Haqeeqat ka iss film se koi taluk nahi’ with a 1995 film Haqeeqat’s poster. While the Phone Bhoot trailer starts on a petrifying note, the next segment of the Siddhant-Ishaan duo literally turning the spirit’s feet around promises that it’s going to be a comical ride ahead. 

As the trailer progresses, we see the duo having the superpower of seeing ghosts. And then enters the glamorous Bhootni portrayed by Katrina Kaif, who has come with a business idea of starting ‘Phone Bhoot’, which says Press 1 for ghosts and spirits and Press 2 for the witch’. While making a horror comedy, dialogue writing can be tricky because you need one-liners that can make the audience creep out and laugh out loud simultaneously. Well, writers Ravi Shankar An and Jasvinder Singh Bath do a pretty good job in the trailer. 

The trailer moves on with the trio very hysterically catching some weird ghosts. There are a lot of iconic references from other films like ‘Bohot Hard‘ from Siddhant’s own film Gully Boy. Around halfway through the trailer, we are introduced to Atmaram, who seems like the devil or the keeper of hell. In the second half of the trailer, there are not many dialogues and just a visual representation of an entertaining war between the trio and Atmaram. 

Overall, the Phone Bhoot trailer is witty, wacky, and rib-tickling, but the ghostly vibe to the film is undoubtedly added by the frightening character of Sheeba Chaddha. The Phone Bhoot trailer has very little of Sheeba; we just hope that’s not the case with the entire film! 

Phone Bhoot releases worldwide on November 4, 2022!

Watch the Phone Bhoot Trailer:

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