Sunflower Trailer: A Murder Mystery With Dark Humour

The trailer of Sunflower, directed by Vikas Behl, Rahul Sengupta and featuring Sunil Grover, Ashish Vidyarthi, Ranvir Shorey and Girish Kulkarni, released today. From the trailer, it seems like Sunflower housing society is going to take audiences on a journey of a dark murder mystery. The trailer opens with the shot of a cooperative society named Sunflower, where a murder has taken place. The common thread between the residents is that they all have something to hide and some connection with the murder. Most of the shots in the trailer show us the character of Sunil Grover, who is sarcastic, funny but equally problematic too. In the chaos of the murder mystery enters two cops played by Ranvir Shorey and Girish Kulkarni trying to uncover the hidden layers of every resident and eventually finding out who has killed the person living in flat 1001. The trailer is definitely intriguing and would raise your excitement levels on knowing whodunnit. Sunil Grover's character shines in the trailer, and it is refreshing to watch his comic timing after playing a serious role in the Tandaav web series. While Grover is impressive but the moment Ranvir enters the frame, you can't take your eyes off his acting. The eight-episode series is produced by Reliance Entertainment and Good Co and is set to release on Zee5 on 11th June. Sunflower has great background music, so kudos to that! The trailer has some witty dialogues, such as Grover says Do you know gourd juice can turn into poison? When Kulkarni is about to drink the glass and then immediately assures him that you can drink it now, it will take time for it to become poisonous, hinting that Grover might have a lot of knowledge about poisons. The trailer explores the life of a middle-class society housing society that apparently had plans to become the best society but somehow got stuck in a murder mystery. It will be interesting to see who is the culprit!

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